re: Food Poll; Dairy 

I'm mad Better Cheddars are losing TBH

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Oooh @compufox looks like you fixed the thing and I was able to edit my profile again lol

Food Poll; Dairy 

What's your preferred Cheese Cracker type?

Food Poll; Dairy 

What's your preferred Cheese Cracker type?

Emoji Spam 


I think...just these ones are the ones we don't have yet? :9c


Maybe also consider:

bc ur a very good dergie and deserve pats 💜

I also sent something from my monsterpit account tho I dunno if it sent properly either x3;

re: Whine at Admin; no image description 

@compufox Fix this so we can steal your emojos and I can intersplice them with pics of my ass

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Wait I've had this account for almost a month? How did this happen

our reets cannot be stopped!

we will pierce the heavens!!
:fuwux:​ <(:reet_tiny:​)

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What does my handle even look like on pitiful normal accounts?

computerfox psa 

character limit is now 10000
bio limit is 2000
15 fields on your profile
display name limit is 500
and still rocking 10 pinned posts

@YeenQueen i just checked and its already at 200

ill make it 500

i'll also up the bio length to 2000~

I'm gonna change it b/c I only have the chara count to do one of 'em at a time

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