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@violet it was like,
me: *tries to say something*
bun: "vi vi =^~^="
me: *continues trying to say things while being interrupted*
bun: " 🐰 πŸ’ž πŸ¦‡ "
me: *sends half a sentence because that's all i could get out before Phoebe sends another gushy message*
bun: "violets have the best blanket arms :blobbunmelt:​"
me: "it's really hard to talk with Phoebe gushing this much >.>"
bun: "lov vi vi"
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Phoebe in a nutshell:
  • :O look, it's a shiny!
  • is it time for snuggles yet?
  • hewwo friend you are my friend and i'm love you πŸ’– πŸ’– πŸ’–
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my favourite scene in headspace is me sitting at the computer, Phoebe sleeping on my lap. while i gently pet her
she's so sweet and pure, fuck

drop-kicking CEOs should be a right and a responsibility

it would be so cool to have working internet

wonder what that's like

if only a company like Shaw could provide such a service

you could call them a service provider for internet

what a thought

"i love every single part of you" takes on a whole new meaning when you're plural


face blindness is the scariest fucking thing sometimes

averages are fake 

i don't even know what my gender is at this point

"holidays" is too cheery sounding for what they are. we need a new name to reflect how sadistic they are.

hi yes fediverse I have a question

how the fuck do you brain???

video with subtitles is basically the only form of media that's capable of holding my ADHD stricken ass's focus

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uk politics, positivity in despair 

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Take a moment today to appreciate how many people around the world are resisting the cops, compliment someone close to you in this struggle and maybe appreciate your own resistance against the police or against the policing of your gender, concepts of normalcy, etc. Everything that makes you nonconforming, makes you more ungovernable. So you’re awesome!

#ACAB #1312

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Hey; if you're in the UK and have disabled or poor friends, take a minute tomorrow to reach out to them, maybe plan something nice in the next few weeks? Friday could be one of the worst days of their life, make sure they have things to look forward to and, if you feel able, give them someone to talk to.

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Harry potter + white supremacy. 

let disabled people be disabled people challenge
*glares at the neurotypicals who get to decide what counts as being disabled*

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