drop-kicking CEOs should be a right and a responsibility

it would be so cool to have working internet

wonder what that's like

if only a company like Shaw could provide such a service

you could call them a service provider for internet

what a thought

"i love every single part of you" takes on a whole new meaning when you're plural


"i don't like this so that makes it ableist and an accessibility issue" is not how this works.

insulting someone's intelligence because they asked for clarification, on the other hand, is definitely ableist.

face blindness is the scariest fucking thing sometimes

averages are fake 

it just occurred to me that the reason people always get confused about what averages mean is because we're never told or taught that they're fake.

averages are hypotheticals, they don't exist.
averages are a horizontal line drawn on a slope, and it only works for estimates if the slope wasn't very steep in the first place.

when people say "average person" they are thinking of the median (the one in the middle) or mode (the most commonly seen) person while using a point of data for a person that doesn't exist.

you cannot find an average person, it's impossible because they are a made-up person.

more people need to realize this and use median and mode measurements more often, especially people writing articles and news stories.

i don't even know what my gender is at this point

"holidays" is too cheery sounding for what they are. we need a new name to reflect how sadistic they are.

hi yes fediverse I have a question

how the fuck do you brain???

video with subtitles is basically the only form of media that's capable of holding my ADHD stricken ass's focus

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uk politics, positivity in despair 

this has been a difficult night for a lot of us. many people in this country will now feel unsafe.

please, use your skills and understanding to do what you can to get involved in your own community. be there for each other. be kind, look out for other people. bourgeois democracy has made us believe a ballot every five years is all we can do, but the truth is there are people around who need support every day.

we can help them.

together, we can help everyone.

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Hey; if you're in the UK and have disabled or poor friends, take a minute tomorrow to reach out to them, maybe plan something nice in the next few weeks? Friday could be one of the worst days of their life, make sure they have things to look forward to and, if you feel able, give them someone to talk to.

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Harry potter + white supremacy. 

I can't get over how much Harry Potter is about liberal white supremacy. No one in the books ever presents muggles as equal. They just debate about whether you should enslave and kill them, or keep them in their own country. The liberals will take muggle born kids who have the white I mean wizard spirit, and will try and be kind to the poor broken squibs, but don't try and challenge the system. The only wizard who likes muggles fetishizes them. Wild

let disabled people be disabled people challenge
*glares at the neurotypicals who get to decide what counts as being disabled*

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Labour Disability Manifesto just dropped! 

🔥 Scrap the Tory ESA (WRAG) cut and reinstate £30 per week

🔥 Bring Carer’s Allowance to the level of JSA

🔥 Immediately suspend all benefit sanctions

🔥 Scrap the Work Capability Assessment

🔥 Scrap the PIP test


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