video with subtitles is basically the only form of media that's capable of holding my ADHD stricken ass's focus

@petra honestly this is a huge reason why that one post that used to go around a bit bothered me so damn much.

it was like "if you make a video that's just you talking, stop that! just write it in an article videos are horrible!"

and i'm sitting here like fuck off, man. yes, it's nice to have articles too, but that doesn't mean the video form shouldn't exist!
i need those videos. if people stopped doing talking head videos, I wouldn't know shit.
i can't even do audiobooks they don't hold my attention, it has to have video along with it

@aCuteLittleBox all media forms should be encouraged imo, there are so many different ways to interact with the world and we can't all do all of them

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