averages are fake 

it just occurred to me that the reason people always get confused about what averages mean is because we're never told or taught that they're fake.

averages are hypotheticals, they don't exist.
averages are a horizontal line drawn on a slope, and it only works for estimates if the slope wasn't very steep in the first place.

when people say "average person" they are thinking of the median (the one in the middle) or mode (the most commonly seen) person while using a point of data for a person that doesn't exist.

you cannot find an average person, it's impossible because they are a made-up person.

more people need to realize this and use median and mode measurements more often, especially people writing articles and news stories.

averages are fake 

@aCuteLittleBox Was at a company Christmas lunch yesterday and an engineer was going on about "science showing statistical differences" between genders and it was hard not to outright scream this at him (I did definitely let him know how dumb he was being though)

averages are fake, bodies / height&weight ment 

@aCuteLittleBox This just brings up a memory of... idk, some British reality TV show I saw at one point, wherein the people got a bunch of - maybe 100? - random volunteers from the street to measure their height and their weight, and iirc, they didn't find a *single* person who fit the average British height & weight.

You're right, people aren't averages.

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