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recharging my dark queer energy by howling at the worm moon

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introductions, :boost_ok: 

hi I'm ava

am an arctic fox 🦊 whomst is gay :gayfox: , nonbinary :nbfox: , and polyamorous :polyamfox2:

I host this mastodon server, along with a few bots (,

I'm an aspiring gamedev, although its been a bit since I've made any games.....but I'm hoping to (eventually) change that!

I also write a lot of open source things including two mastodon bot frameworks (in common lisp and ruby), a mastodon to twitter cross poster, other various things.

Currently I'm working on the aforementioned cross poster, a lisp implementation of tracery, and the lisp version of the bot framework, as well as my very own activitypub server (this is not yet public, but is in development)!

I usually post about programming, linux, or gaming things, but also I shitpost, make emoji edits, and post selfies (which you should definitely boost btw :thinknyan: )

If you're interested in the things I've made, I've got links to my itch page and my github in my bio! feel free to check them out :3

thanks for reading ❤❤

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can some strong, strapping young individual please come over and help me with some computer issues?

im having trouble opening some jars

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spilled baked beans all over myself while watching antigone at the ampitheatre and a pythagorean shouted "this citizen eatin beans!" and everyone laughed

⛅Custom Weather Fennec auction is now LIVE!⛅

This will be the LAST Weather Fennec adoptable. Winner gets to choose what type of weather their critter will be based off of!

Autobuy bundle includes a floppy disk badge and a full illustration!


ego death ment 

some people need to hear this tbh

love 2 open firefox and see just the outlines of 8 windows fade into existence and nervously laugh

Burger Pupdate 🐶 

Updated my phone lockscreen AGAIN cuz he's already bigger than the last one I took a couple weeks ago. 😭

🍔 💕

the existence of directx implies the existence of an indirectx

Hi I'm Ember! I'm here to post about games that I'm playing, probably mostly the Sims 4.

My profile picture is Morgyn Ember, a nonbinary Sim from the Realm of Magic pack and I love them so much.

My header image is a selfie of Morgyn Ember with my Sim Brem, who is a nonbinary changeling and also a spellcaster like Morgyn. Also they're partners.

I also like to build stuff in the Sims, so will post pictures of that as well!

what if instead of firewire it was guyrewire 😳 🙈

still running into an issue on windows when i try to build the exe
but its because im trying to use a library thats supposed to help pack up all the external DLLs for distribution

and its like messing it up somehow idk
but running it without that, and using the DLLs that are in the path work perfectly fine~ :3

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oh wait after digging through some of the for the gtk bindings i found the function i needed
it literally just waits until the gtk thread is joined into the main lisp thread

which i mean.
i TRIED to make my own version of that but i guess mine sucked? lmao

anyway after a quick bit of testing, it does indeed work and i can build proper gtk/lisp executables.


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the package loading through emacs/sly shit was only an issue on windows.
on bsd/linux it works perfectly well.

its just that windows is weird :thinkhappy_upsidedown:

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but im still having that issue where, when building an executable, it just exits immediately when ran.

so at least im back to square 1 lmao

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