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“full stack developer” but the stack is maslow’s hierarchy of needs

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Hades but its the gods who reside on Mountain Dew

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nier automata?

more like

detroit: become depressed

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blood, weapon, silly, sekiro 

ive had this in my head all day

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recharging my dark queer energy by howling at the worm moon

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introductions, :boost_ok: 

hi I'm ava

am an arctic fox 🦊 whomst is gay :gayfox: , nonbinary :nbfox: , and polyamorous :polyamfox2:

I host this mastodon server, along with a few bots (,

I'm an aspiring gamedev, although its been a bit since I've made any games.....but I'm hoping to (eventually) change that!

I also write a lot of open source things including two mastodon bot frameworks (in common lisp and ruby), a mastodon to twitter cross poster, other various things.

Currently I'm working on the aforementioned cross poster, a lisp implementation of tracery, and the lisp version of the bot framework, as well as my very own activitypub server (this is not yet public, but is in development)!

I usually post about programming, linux, or gaming things, but also I shitpost, make emoji edits, and post selfies (which you should definitely boost btw :thinknyan: )

If you're interested in the things I've made, I've got links to my itch page and my github in my bio! feel free to check them out :3

thanks for reading ❤❤

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can some strong, strapping young individual please come over and help me with some computer issues?

im having trouble opening some jars

WiFi password generator

[noun][adjective]fox[3 numbers]

Social pressure in trans/queer communities? 

Hey uh, we should really let people be gender nonconforming like literally in any way they want without pressuring them to come out or see themselves as trans or queer

Like, it's great to have supportive spaces for people to discover things about themselves, but there also needs to be support for people who aren't those things to be free to be themselves without constant pressure to identify a certain way

hanging out near a 5g tower to cancel out the havana syndrome

im going to the DMV on tuesday to update my address and the title to my van

i estimate the fees will be $175, please help otherwise i will have to dip into the funds that's meant for rent

thank you :bun_love:

it works! my commission sheet has a static placement on the web

tired: no man's sky

inspired: 10,000 geks


oh that would slick back REALLY nice

death and police brutality, but like, in the Pokemon universe, I don't know if that fixes it for you 

Anyway, here's a comic I did during my friend Andy's Nuzlocke run of Gold/Silver. I'm just posting it because I saw it when I was going thru my files and remembered I liked it a lot.

I do art for our YouTube VoDs, and I think I'm just undeniably getting better at drawing. 

Like... there's a bunch of problems with this, it's not perfect, but I'd have never been able to pull this off a year ago.

Also, I -hate- X's coat. It sucks so bad and it doesn't make any sense, I gave up on a lot there.

on the subject of usb-c have you seen pcb-only usb ports? scribe the right sigils into your circuit board design program and choose the right thickness and you can just plug a cable straight into your pcb with no port hardware

i ❤️❤️❤️ hacks like this

pictured here in @deshipu's fluff m0 project

invented by juan jesús pinuaga

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