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if u cant catch ur own sharkgirls store bought is fine

why computers ugly. where's the woodgrain

donation asking 

Enby culture is just saying << No You are s beautiful cryptid monster >>
Back and forth until you collapse into a hug for an hour

Friendly reminder that I do commissions, and I do free hand art AND graphic design! I will also design your character for you free of charge if you do not have a ref sheet

@compufox obπŸ…±ect oπŸ…±ienπŸ…±ed πŸ…±roπŸ…±amπŸ…±ing

Rambling on the gender stories we tell and put on other people 

Noticed more sites giving out discord links instead of email addresses for questions and support.


Your labels are yours to decide

Language is descriptive,
not prescriptive

Just realised I can post this pic of wilma again, so angelic πŸ‘Ό

so i do my tail toss
check my claws
foxy how you doin'
doin' rawr as hell

β€ͺThere’s two wolves inside of me and one is my desire to read homestuck 2 and the other is my complete unwillingness to read the epilogue ‬and they are fighting always

lb: am gonna boost until I get a flirt

(note: not really but also plz)

selfie, eye contact 

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