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blood, weapon, silly, sekiro 

ive had this in my head all day

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recharging my dark queer energy by howling at the worm moon

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introductions, :boost_ok: 

hi I'm ava

am an arctic fox 🦊 whomst is gay :gayfox: , nonbinary :nbfox: , and polyamorous :polyamfox2:

I host this mastodon server, along with a few bots (,

I'm an aspiring gamedev, although its been a bit since I've made any games.....but I'm hoping to (eventually) change that!

I also write a lot of open source things including two mastodon bot frameworks (in common lisp and ruby), a mastodon to twitter cross poster, other various things.

Currently I'm working on the aforementioned cross poster, a lisp implementation of tracery, and the lisp version of the bot framework, as well as my very own activitypub server (this is not yet public, but is in development)!

I usually post about programming, linux, or gaming things, but also I shitpost, make emoji edits, and post selfies (which you should definitely boost btw :thinknyan: )

If you're interested in the things I've made, I've got links to my itch page and my github in my bio! feel free to check them out :3

thanks for reading ❀❀

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can some strong, strapping young individual please come over and help me with some computer issues?

im having trouble opening some jars

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Hey, what's up. Alice, Mox, Xenon, BR and m'self are gonna run some World War Z, a Left-4-Dead-like that's better than the film that it's nominally based on. Please enjoy the zombie-related fun with us!


Invisible disabilities exist. We are not faking.

covid vaccination, fatphobia 

people will concern troll that we need to starve fat people into losing weight for health reasons and then get angry that obesity counts as a pre-existing condition for the purposes of covid vaccination.

this isn’t a contradiction because they don’t care about fat people’s health at all. they just want us to die.

How long does it usually take you to fall asleep?

Feel free to expand on your answer as a reply

Boost for a larger sample size πŸ’•

Art!; youtube link; nothing majorly new! 

Also I uploaded it to my youtube channel, with a Custom Thumbnail πŸ‘€

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ok thatz it!!! >~< (unrawrs ur dinosaur) o_0

i hope all queer fat indigenous people have a great day πŸŽ‰

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