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lewd commie shitpost 

oh no im thinking about setting up a plan9 server again


Recommended blocks 

Discord PSA, Developers who hate their users 

lewdish joke 

*softly chitters as I munch a fruit and relax in a bath* #JustCapyThings

let me put autoplaying midi files on my mastodon profile eugen

Finding someone with a German Shepherd fursona who also hates cops? Beautiful. That’s like finding a four-leaf clover that also hates cops.

(oh also i dont think i ever posted what game i was actually gonna start running.

its Prince of Persia: Sands of Time any%)

but like seriously,,

just did my first little test zip in a game and WOO
feels good :3

"so sad a big account I was friends with is gone"

We didn't chase him off. He did a racism. We called attention to it. He doubled down and called us mob. And then deleted.

What's more important to you, a "big" account making jokes? Or not having racism?

Because I'm starting to worry about y'all.

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