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recharging my dark queer energy by howling at the worm moon

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introductions, :boost_ok: 

hi I'm ava

am an arctic fox 🦊 whomst is gay :gayfox: , nonbinary :nbfox: , and polyamorous :polyamfox2:

I host this mastodon server, along with a few bots (,

I'm an aspiring gamedev, although its been a bit since I've made any games.....but I'm hoping to (eventually) change that!

I also write a lot of open source things including two mastodon bot frameworks (in common lisp and ruby), a mastodon to twitter cross poster, other various things.

Currently I'm working on the aforementioned cross poster, a lisp implementation of tracery, and the lisp version of the bot framework, as well as my very own activitypub server (this is not yet public, but is in development)!

I usually post about programming, linux, or gaming things, but also I shitpost, make emoji edits, and post selfies (which you should definitely boost btw :thinknyan: )

If you're interested in the things I've made, I've got links to my itch page and my github in my bio! feel free to check them out :3

thanks for reading ❀❀

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can some strong, strapping young individual please come over and help me with some computer issues?

im having trouble opening some jars

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The threat was over, supposedly. But there's always more work to be done. And sometimes that work is pink.

Monster Hunter World continues.


#TruckCommunity #stream

Today at 5pm PST/8pm PST

The Rabbit Hole presents:

An Art Stream!

We are raising funds to help cover operational costs while we adopt out our rabbits.

if you'd like to donate to the Rabbit Food Fund directly, here is the link:

#TheRabbitHole #bunyPosting #rabbits #furry #art

selfies, ec, boosts ++ 

Trans eyeliner babes, got my trans socks on too β€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ

god i wish that
windows would let me set taskbars like on linux.

i only want certain launchers to be on certain monitors. but it ONLY allows for launchers to be on the main taskbar

(if im wrong PLEASE tell me so i can fix this ~w~ )

at the very least, when it got installed properly i didnt have to log back in to my account some how. which, nice.

unsure if its able to detect the (one) game i have installed. but we'll see.

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reinstalling steam: no worries! it overwrote the old install and automatically detected all of my games
reinstalling epic: intalled properly, did not detect anything automatically and complains when i try and reinstall the games over top of themselves


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Windows is reinstalled, painlessly, and I'm able to boot into both windows and linux using the boot device menu on startup

Which is all I wanted ~w~

This instance just seems like a bunch of bored 12 years old Twitter refugees.
Calling trans people a "trend" and saying idiotic stuff.
The ToS is also literally one sentence (which doesn't seem to be well applied)
Check it out by yourself.


Selfies, eye contact. 

My makeup look from the other day.
I wanted to add more tentacle-like details, but my fun mystery GI illness makes me super nauseous super super suddenly πŸ₯²βœŒ so I had to call it quits and get photos and go take anti emetics and curl up in bed πŸ₯΄
#mastodonmakeup #makeup


just finished off a bag of cherries I got on sunday

fubkc I love cherries 😩

Opera buys YoYo, the developer of GameMaker for $10 million.

Opera, the predatory lending company that is cashing in on whatever little goodwill they had in the browser arena.

You might want to rethink using this software for any future projects and determine if porting to another engine is feasible.

#gamemaker #gamedev

saying ummmm excuse me we just defeated fascism so lets take a breather to my wifes divorce lawyer

mirror selfie, eye contact, made-up number keysmash 

Alana attempts to experiment with their looks, session 535644753

USA Politics, ableism 

I'm seeing lots of posts without CW about this so I'll add one with it.

Do not mock the president's stutter.

Just like Trump was trash but making fun of his weight was unacceptable, Biden's stutter is off limits too.

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