nier automata?

more like

detroit: become depressed

accidentally "okay just a bit more"'d myself into finishing my 3rd playthrough, getting the C ending.


too lazy to find my last nier thread so im starting a new one

nier automata 

i will reiterate: NewGame++ (3rd run) should have been NewGame+ (2nd run).

it was incredibly compelling, gave me details i REALLY wanted which i got small bits and pieces of in the 2nd run, and the last like. 2? 3? hours were so good i literally couldnt stop playing

re: nier automata 

and while it is OVERWHELMINGLY sad and gloomy

some aspects of the writing were so silly and funny that i legit guffawed
i fuckin,,,, jortled.

re: nier automata, spoilery 

anyway, im glad that the after the 3rd run it unlocks a chapter select. because im going to go back in to the final chapter and get the other ending.

i desire it.

plus i was so overleveled that the entire final chapter was a cakewalk.

the final boss fight took like 5minutes? the ai was 15levels under me lmfao.

why the heck didnt they just set it to be the same level as the player? lmfao bad move

re: nier automata, spoilery 

my biggest issue with the game is the way 9s is.

9s, the entire game: "uhhh machines cant think. they just say shit. it doesnt mean anything"
also 9s: "okay time to go help this machine find its little sister. huh, they have a family. what does that even mean lmao"

like. i get that hes supposed to be that way for the story but its such a weird juxtaposition for him to be like that and then be like "haha okay time to go do this quest for this machine" and then like. alternating between pondering on what the machine had to say after the quest was over, and dismissing anything a machines says because they are "incapable of thought"

(i thought of this joke hours ago and i have been rolling it around in my head ever since so i wouldnt forget ~w~

re: nier automata, spoilery, fascism 


Yeah dog. He's a nazi. They're internally inconsistent, it's like their whole deal.

re: nier automata, spoilery, fascism 

@Hayling i am a fool

re: nier automata, spoilery, fascism 

@Hayling 🤦

omfg i really am a fool
ive spent the entire game being like "haha. the game isnt subtle re: character names as philosophers names"

and last night i was thinking about fucking dialects a lil before sleeping.

gonna blame fucking. tiredness on my inability to put 2 and 2 together lmfao. jesus

re: nier automata, spoilery, fascism 


yeh, sorry, I just... have Opinions about NieR: Automata and how what it's trying to do doesn't work and god 9S is just the fkkin worst.

re: nier automata, spoilery, fascism 

@Hayling no youre good.

yeah it doesnt do a good job of breaking down yohra. i mean.
its really obvious that 9s is bad. but like thats about it

re: nier automata, for real spoilers, fascism 


That's it, yeah. I ~think~ the intended message is that Nazis (and other shitbags, but Yorha are definitely Nazi-flavored) are just like... people, who have things they care about, and how that plays out as 9S loses everything he claims to care about to hatred and ignorance and dies whining ignobly in a pool of his own guts, but they do NOT do a good job of showing how complicit the whole Yorha gang is in what is literally a genocide.

re: nier automata, for real spoilers, fascism 

hey i sincerely appreciate you sharing your thoughts on this

thanks :blobheart:

re: nier automata, for real spoilers, fascism 


Happy to! I have had, and continue to have, fury in my bones about NeiR:A and I'm glad to share it. :D

re: nier automata, for real spoilers, fascism 


Also 2B's a waifu of choice for shitheads because she dies all cool and ideologically pure but 9S has to face consequences for his choices and that's why nobody talks about him ok ok i'm done now sorry.

re: nier automata, for real spoilers, fascism 

@Hayling you should have heard the UGLY noise i just made

@doxxy I could have!

but I think I didnt think about it at the time and I just didnt want to go find it :p

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