in all honesty, if they had just done a patreon or something i would be less annoyed by it.

"if we hit a certain amount we'll do an episode a month"

but its something about asking for 2mil to make episodes and also hire people to make and maintain a site (not apps. just a site. apps are a fucking *stretch goal* πŸ™„ ) when the people involved already have enough money to cover the production of episodes alone.

i dunno.
it bugs me to no end.

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@compufox better archive those old episodes before they decide to make a shittier platform huh

@violet yeah ive already called that theyre gonna start dmca'ing shit on youtube once their shitty site gets up

@compufox yeah, we were reading the thread as you wrote it and the same thing occurred :/

Amazing how the same patterns keep cropping up huh?

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