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re: binding of isaac 

did a greedier run with bethany, and it went very well.

found the book of belial near the end and that was basically the end for everything :3c

re: binding of isaac 

beat mother with bethany
it was my second try, first try went..... very poorly uwu;;

but! i did it in the end

re: binding of isaac 

did another run with bethany and took out satan/the lamb/mega satan

kinda lucked out early early in the run and found "the poop" which at first is like "eh, whatever." BUT with bethany its incredibly good bc you can just spam the shit out of it and have a billion wisps that can run some defense

re: binding of isaac 

and with that! ive completed Bethany's note! :3333333

now to start with the hard mode ones >:3c

re: binding of isaac 

beat the beast with eden! had a realllllly good run!

first two items were the psy fly (my favorite item in the game) and the sacred heart (my second favorite item)

so it was a pretty good run :3

plus i found out how much fun the dead sea scroll is with the book of virtues :blobfox3c:​

one funny thing that happend during the beast fight was that like. since i had astral projection, i got hit and my body just fucking. stuck where it was so as i was finishing the fight i just flew past my body and had a good little chuckle. (see second screenshot)

re: binding of isaac 

been playing a lil bit of coop isaac with @melaniemoo and its been very fun ~w~

got some unlocks with tainted eden (bc i love pain) ((their gimmick is that all of their items/trinkets/stats/consumables get rerolled every time they get hit))

and! thru the power of coop we got bethany unlocked for melanie :3

now i just need to bully xem into doing a jacob and esau run with me >:3c hehe

re: binding of isaac 

also we unlocked tainted samson for me last night and it was fucking hilarious during the beast fight.

it was the first time xey had done the fight so xey kept running into shit and dying, only to get revived and die again lmfao (melanie had guppy, so xey had 9 lives)

i almost died bc i was laughing so hard

re: binding of isaac 

we just finished an absolutely GROSS build where i had soy milk AND bomb tears
and @melaniemoo had almond milk and also the cookie and it was just fucking incredible

i literally couldnt do anything during the beast fight because i was hurting myself too much, because xeir tears kept fucking knocking my bombs back at me

holy hell what a good run

re: binding of isaac 

I have found that the best thing to do is let melanie carry me and I play as the lost :3

we actually got the tainted lost unlocked this way, even tho xey had to literally carry me the entire way from the mausoleum all the way thru the ascent

may try to get xem to help me do some more unlocks πŸ‘€πŸ‘€

re: binding of isaac 

the tainted lost is so much easier for me and idk why ~w~

also! im only missing like. 3 tainted characters! (jacob&esau, keeper, and eve)

heck yeah uwu

bless @melaniemoo for putting up with me and playing so much binding of isaac ;w; πŸ’‹ ❀️

re: binding of isaac 

did an eve run to unlock her tainted version and I literally ERASED dogma/harbingers/beast

I didnt take ANY fucking damage lmao

god I'm sad that that run had to end there

re: binding of isaac, caps 

I FUCKING. unlocked the tainted version of Jacob&Esau AND beat the beast

fucking HELL yes.

re: binding of isaac, caps 

now the only characters I'm missing is keeper

which is just gonna require doing a lot of greed more runs

re: binding of isaac 

did a run with Judas where i went for mother, but because i had a mod installed that lets runs continue after the mother fight (by giving the sheol/cath/void entrances) i went and did sheol, then the dark room and finally the void and goddamn.

i was already pretty OP, but then i found the sacred heart IN the void and it boosted my damage to like. a baseline of 40 lmfao

shit was bananas

i boosted myself like. three times with the book of belial and then the next thing i knew the chest came down and it was over. like. not even a minute.
it didnt even have time to show the cutscene after delerium dies hahahahhaha

re: binding of isaac 

did the mega Satan fight with eve and BARELY scraped by.

like. I had ONE heart and I was getting real SWEA T Y

lucked out and got a void portal afterwards and I TRIED to do delirium but my build was kinda shit so 🀷🀷 oh well

also pretty pissed off at myself because I accidentally caused an angel room to despawn on me by walking out the boss room mistake

I was Angy >:c

re: binding of isaac 

me and the crew rolling up to steal ur girl

(this was a blue baby run where I did hush, the lamb and finally delirium)

re: binding of isaac 

"Mess with someone your own size 😀😀😀"

re: binding of isaac 

got eve's card completely filled out now!

she's a lot of fun, assuming you get some soul hearts in the first couple rooms

re: binding of isaac 

did a forgotten run and beat delirium

leisurely wandered around the void, getting hella items and familiars

it was a good.time

re: binding of isaac 

Call an ambulance


but like for real this was probably my BEST EVER run with Azazel. I literally beat mega Satan in ~1 minute

practically deleted him from the gayme

re: binding of isaac 

that was also the last boss I needed to fill out azazel's card!

that makes him the 4th character ive finished, with 3 needing 1 one fight, 4 needing 2 more and the rest varying between 12 and 8 fights

getting there slowly but surely πŸ’ͺ😀😀

re: binding of isaac 

just had an INCREDIBLE run where i found the R key, went as far as i could before mother, and then found the forget me now during the middle of the second time thru

needless to say i absolutely crushed mother, finishing out ???'s card :3

re: binding of isaac 

ive been really down on Maggie for so long.

I think its because of the one challenge I did with her and it was just a slog.

BUT. I take it all back she's so good
I started a run and was able to get an angel item and the full Mega Satan key in the first floor.
im so fucking pumped lmfao

re: binding of isaac 

this is mostly really good for me bc I have a mod that makes angels drop angel items when you kill them after you have the Mega Satan key

re: binding of isaac 

welp! just finished delirium.

I wish I had gone a different route to get there, and I wish I had been able to challenge Mega Satan too, but I didn't think I would get the portal to the void.

what a good run

re: binding of isaac 

did another really really good run with Maggie and beat ??? and mega satan

I actually didn't get hit at ALL in the Mega Satan fight and that was INCREDIBLE

I had the spirit sword and mom's knife so I was throwing spinning swords and shooting damn laser beams and shit and it was amazing


because I have a mod that forces a void portal to spawn after the chest/dark room fights
it fucked up my unlock for beating Mega Satan, sooooooooooo
guess I have to just do it again 😀 😀

re: binding of isaac 

oops fucked up and didnt get my maggie completion stuff to sync from my laptop to my desktop so i'll have to get another good run with her to re-acquire my completion marks
but i was able to beat the boss rush with her at least so thats good at least

re: binding of isaac 

holy shit had an incredible azazel greed run

i even got to drop 91 fucking coins into the greed machine.

the ultimate run 😩

(plus bc of the POP item i was shooting out eyeballs after the brimstone laser. and because sacred heart, the eyeballs would float and then seek out enemies. AND i had revelation so i was shooting out dual brimstone beams)

re: binding of isaac 

FINALLY got the holy mantle on the lost


just needed a couple of really greed runs

re: binding of isaac 

had two REALLY good greed runs with Isaac and unlocked keeper~ :3

im very pleased with myself uwu;

now I just need to get the tainted version unlocked and I'll have all the damn characters in the game available πŸ’ͺ😀

re: binding of isaac 

and done! i was able to unlock the tainted version of keeper and also beat the beast!

i tried doing a bunch of runs to get some unlocks for keeper beforehand but i kept getting either overconfident or foolhardy and dying :/

at the very least i think keeper is fun! and a BIT better than the lost ;p

re: binding of isaac 

i had a REALLY GOOD run with the lost

i was very VERY nervous going through the chest lmao

re: binding of isaac, caps 


re: binding of isaac 

doing more lost runs and tried to do the boss rush and died. i guess because of some bug, re-entering after reviving with guppy didnt restart the boss rush so i just stole an item for free i guess

was able to find a teleport tarot card in the arena and turned the run around and just beat the beast!

re: binding of isaac 

took a break and made lunch and started up some more runs.

finished out isaac's note!
that brings my total to 6 (***SIX*** HOLY COW) character's notes completely full! and not to mention being over(!!!!!!!!!!!) halfway to unlocking godhead!!!!! :DDDD

holy shit

re: binding of isaac 

beginning to think i may be a little bit good at this game πŸ€”

re: binding of isaac 

just finished out the forgotten's card!

re: binding of isaac 

took a nap, ate dinner, and started more hard mode lost runs

been trying to get either mother or mega satan

on my last run i forgot which photo i took after mom and accidentally ended my run prematurely at isaac ~w~

very annoyed at myself bc i was getting VERY hyped for mega satan.
oh well....

re: binding of isaac 

beat the beast with tainted apollyon and unlocked "echo chamber" which im VERY excited about using πŸ‘€


re: binding of isaac 

finally got a good run and finished out apollyon's card!

that makes eight characters πŸ’ͺ😀

Β· Β· 1 Β· 0 Β· 0

re: binding of isaac 

did some runs as the tainted lost and got down to the depths

which! is pretty good imo!

now im trying more lost runs, just attempted (and failed) the boss rush. BUT i got to wave like. 12 or 13 so i'll take that as a general win tbh

i was able to salvage that into an attempt at hush
but died even though i had 7 lives from guppy still

i killed him ONCE but because his animation didnt end it didnt count. i was beyond and i did, in fact, scream

re: binding of isaac 

GOD okay so i did it

i lucked out and got a lot of active item buffs in the depths and was able to boost the fuck out of myself with the book of belial

holy shit my heart was racing bc i couldnt tell where my hitbox was half the time because i was so goddamn big

re: binding of isaac 

beat the boss rush and mega satan with the lost today.

about to challenge mother but im SCARED lmfao

i dont have a good defensive item, my damage is good, but i dont have a space bar item either and i only have 1 extra life from guppy left.

wish me luck πŸ™‡

re: binding of isaac 

lmfao didnt even get a chance. spawned in twice and just died immediately.

next time i go for her im gonna try and get angel rooms for the divine shield or something
maybe a sacred heart

re: binding of isaac 

have been doing some greedier mode runs with the lost and for the first time I actually got to the greedier fight!

however I IMMEDIATELY blew all my extra hits and died little under halfway thru the first phase.


re: binding of isaac 

this boss is impossible like. NORMALLY

how the hell is anyone supposed to beat him with only like ONE hit.

re: binding of isaac 

i had a GREAT run πŸ’ͺ

beat all the way thru ??? and then turned around and beat the fuck out of mega satan

re: binding of isaac 

beat hush and delirium with maggie

forgot i already had the delirium unlock from where my save didnt transfer properly

but! i got the hush unlock, and the note marks which is all that matters

re: binding of isaac 

did a daily run during my lunch and beat it! which is nice

and I currently have another jacob&esau run on pause right now until after work where I beat satan and the lamb and just entered the void, so im hoping that pans out well for me :p

re: binding of isaac 

finished up the run and actually did it! somehow something happened and a BUNCH of delirium's health just vanished but I didn't fucking question it lmao

I also got the "1000000%" achievement which says "JUST STOP"
so I guess im free now 😩

re: binding of isaac 

did another jacob&esau run and beat the boss rush!
which was good,

i wanted to try for hush in the same run but the boss rush took 10min so i was already over time before the rush was even over lmao

re: binding of isaac 

had a REALLY *FAST* and good Samson run where I beat the boss rush, hush, Mega Satan, AND delirium all in one go :3

that was a GOOD chunk of his missing notes filled out. I think im only missing like. one or two more with him~

re: binding of isaac 

did another Samson run to fight mother and fUCK

I picked up chaos in the mines and I found a black market LITERALLY in the room before the boss door and was able to stock up on a LOT of good items (those last like 6 items on the item tracker were from the market lmao)

what's even better is that like. two seconds after she entered phase two I defeated her.

I didn't get touched lmao

what a good run

re: binding of isaac 

that also marks the completion of Samson's note!

I have an unbroken chain from judas thru Azazel now~ :3
I just need to beat delirium with cain, and then finish out Maggie's card and it'll be from Isaac!

re: binding of isaac 

whew~ finished out Maggie's and Cain's notes which brings my total up to 11 characters with completed notes~ :3333

isaac thru azazel and apollyon thru bethany

and EVERY character has at least one mark on their note.

aaaaa! :33333

re: binding of isaac 

did a few lazarus runs today and beat mother and mega satan with him!

only need greed mode and his note is finished~ :3

re: binding of isaac 

after many many attempts i *FINALLY* had a good run with Keeper and was able to beat isaac, ???, and mega satan

which meanssssss


re: binding of isaac 

(you unlock mega blast by beating mega satan with every non-tainted character. i realized that keeper was the only character i hadnt done it on while i was headed towards ??? and got really πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ πŸ‘€ )

re: binding of isaac 

just beat greed mode with lazarus! thereby completing his note~ :3

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