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re: binding of isaac, caps 



god BLESS the sword of damocles

re: binding of isaac 

thinking about getting all hard mode marks for non tainted characters

i did a single run with tainted blue baby and tainted isaac and im still just kinda like "mmmmmm" lmao regarding them.

the few tainted characters ive REALLY fell in love with ive already gotten a good amount of clears on them (bethany, apollyon, forgotten)

re: binding of isaac 

unlocked rerun option and i fucking.

look at the stats on the 4th victory lap

just absolutely absurd

re: binding of isaac 

did a really good run with keeper on hard mode today

beat isaac/???/mega satan/delirium

it was pretty nice~

and the run that morphed into the 5 victory lap run was an azazel hard mode run, so i got the satan and lamb kills with him

im gettin' there :3c

re: binding of isaac 

really feeling like i want to 100% the game

but also idk, that seems almost impossible.

i still have over 180 achievements to unlock and a good chunk of them are the tainted unlocks

re: binding of isaac 

beat delirium with tainted bethany

lucked out and got fetus in the first item room so the whole run was just bombs

also played smart and waited until i got into an angel room and popped a bunch of my lemegeton uses in an angel room before i left the caves

re: binding of isaac 

did a tainted apollyon run and holy shit

i found the alabaster box and eden's soul AND the filigree feather SUPER early so i was rocking like SO many angel items including godhead and holy mantle 😩

mother was a piece of cake~

re: binding of isaac 

did a run as tainted lilith and fucking

found godhead AGAIN

as well as the stopwatch, so the entire run was basically made there lmao

did mother, satan, the lamb, and delirium

i would have done mega satan as well but i didnt want to risk not getting into the void after the fight was over

re: binding of isaac 


did another tainted lilith run, but before the hush fight i picked up the ludovico technique

i didnt know how it would interact with her playstyle and i figured it would be like any other character.

i was wrong.

it made her almost UN FUCKING PLAYABLE.

i played from hush to isaac/??? and mega satan using her fetus as a goddamn melee attack WITH DEFAULT DAMAGE

but i fucking did it, goddammit.

it was a pain in the ass and tedious as hell, but i fucking did it.

re: binding of isaac 

also ran into a very interesting bug, where. because of the way i was using her coupled with the ludo technique, AND picking up the multidimensional baby (which duplicates any tears that pass thru it)

tears would just hang there forever?

which was good for some fights
but towards the end of the mega satan fight i.....

well, just look at the screenshots.
in the first one can you point out where the tears he's shooting are?
yeah. i couldnt either lmfao

re: binding of isaac 

think i may try some more tainted lilith runs today.....

now that i know that i can essentially melee my way to victory no matter what, i feel much more comfortable with her lmao

re: binding of isaac 

beat the boss rush and the beast with tainted lilith

that means all i have left with her is greed mode!

shes my most filled out tainted character, closely followed by apollyon and bethany

re: binding of isaac, caps, screaming 

i am literally about to fucking SCREAM



ive been doing the boss rush as tainted eden
and then on the LAST FUCKING WAVE.
ive used my active item.
and because ive gotten hit, my trinket has changed into the goddamn broken remote

so when ive used my item it teleported me out of the FUCING room


re: binding of isaac 

But like seriously tho. There are DOZENS if not a HUNDRED+ trinkets in this fucking game and I get the same one TWICE right as I'm about to WIN

what? the?? fuck???

game is sentient and hates me, personally

re: binding of isaac 

went back at it after trying some tainted jacob runs (pure unadulterated pain) and got a REALLY good tainted eden run and cleared the boss rush as well as delirium

lucked out and rolled the holy mantle and sacred heart either towards the end of the boss rush or at the beginning of the womb and i was able to use that to carry me all the way thru to the void and take out a GOOD chunk of delirium's health before i took damage and had to finish the fight with a less optimal build.

either way! now ive got the soul of eden and also corrupted data

re: binding of isaac 

did a good run with tainted azazel and did the boss rush, hush, isaac, ???, and delirium

so i got a decent bit of unlocks taken care of :p

re: binding of isaac 

had an incredibly GODLIKE run with Tainted Isaac (his whole gimmick is that he can only hold 8 items [12 if you get birthright])

I went through, did boss rush, hush, Isaac, ???, and delirium and this was my final build

I found Eucharist fairly early (it gives you a 100% chance to find an angel room) and because of that I got pretty beefy pretty quickly lmao

re: binding of isaac 

good GOD I had ANOTHER fantastic run with Tainted Isaac.

I found rock bottom fairly early (the item freezes your stats at the highest value you have hit with them after picking up rock bottom) as well as the d6.

so I would pick up items that boosted my stats, drop them and reroll them

I also found items that gave me multi shot and which normally lower the damage or tears stat,,,, but they didn't for me ;3c

I beat mother, satan, the lamb, and Mega Satan on that run, basically finishing out his card


re: binding of isaac 

did some runs as tainted ??? tonight, was able to get the boss rush, hush, Mega Satan, mother, Isaac, ???, and delirium fights taken care of! :3

all I need now is satan, the lamb, greedier, and beast!

re: binding of isaac 

did another t. ??? run,

got a few steam sales, and then found keeper's box and keeper's sack, as well as deep pockets. so I spent the ascent and most of the last floor in ghenna buying items to boost my stats.

I had some decent angel items including godhead and had a pretty easy time with the beast.
just need satan and the lamb to finish out his note :3

re: binding of isaac 

and done! did the lamb and satan fights just now.

the only item I found in the dark room was the gnawed leaf and that turned out to be the biggest boon of all time.

for the lamb fight I just stood in a corner and let my bandage girl orbital do the hard work for me lmao

re: binding of isaac 

got a really good tainted keeper run going and beat Mega Satan and mother,

had hoped for a void portal afterwards, but oh well I'll take what I can get lmao

re: binding of isaac 

finally got a good tainted eve run going and beat boss rush, hush, Isaac, ???, Mega Satan, and delirium

re: binding of isaac 

holy shit,, had a VERY good run with tainted eve, like. look at these clots and tears like

also I found a "forget me now" dice room TWICE in Sheol as well as finding the trinket that spawns treasure rooms/shops in Sheol, so I got an extra couple of items~ :3c

and to just be a cheeky bitch I didn't use any tears during the lamb fight, instead I used Azazel's soul stone that I found right before the fight ;3c

re: binding of isaac 

had another okay run with tainted eve, beat mother. all I need now is to beat the beast and ive got her note done!

re: binding of isaac 

finished the beast fight!

tainted eve's card is filled!

re: binding of isaac 

did a few runs with Tainted Samson and he's.......... interesting to learn.

its very jarring to go from normal Isaac gameplay to playing as the forgotten with melee.

the best thing was that I found the book item that gives you 10seconds of invulnerability which GREATLY aided my run.

I was able to get boss rush, hush, Mega Satan, Isaac and ??? on that run, hoping to get the mother, the lamb and satan on the next

re: binding of isaac 

did another run with tainted samson and beat satan, the lamb, and delirium.

All i need now is mother and the beast!

re: binding of isaac 

did a few tainted lost runs because i love pain and had a REALLY good one going but picked up the item that makes you shoot diagonally bc of curse of the blind and that kinda ruined it

and also i could NOT find a fucking holy card for the life of me.

went the entirety of the depths, and the womb without a mantle shield protecting me. it was stressful.

i died shortly after taking this screenshot., but like. look at this ridiculous damn build.

re: binding of isaac 

WHEW~ had a few iffy tainted lost runs, but got one really good one going and was able to clear the boss rush and beat the beast~

really lucked out by finding chocolate milk after having brimstone, tbh.

re: binding of isaac 

doing some tainted jacob runs bc i hate having fun

and then i found the spindown dice
and ive been absolutely wrecking shit.

so much so that i literally cant avoid killing dark Esau.
i went into the mega satan fight after beating ??? and the game literally crashed from how much shit was on the screen. this was the last thing i saw before having to quit the game

re: binding of isaac 

tried again, without picking up a few certain items in the chest, and was able to beat mega satan AND delirium in record time. shit was AWESOME

re: binding of isaac, annoyed 

tbh fuck this unfair shitass game

re: binding of isaac, annoyed 

***WHY*** would the wooden cross be considered the same shield as the holy card?!??!


re: binding of isaac 

completed 4 challenges tonight, including some difficult ones like "Red Redemption" and "Hot Potato"!

think i may do more challenges next time i play but also i may just do some tainted cain runs (which is what doing these challenges was in prep for)

re: binding of isaac 

i opened the steam overlay to see my current session play time and say these guides offered up and they made me laugh really hard


re: binding of isaac 

did a mother run as tainted samson and went back for my hard mode mark on satan/lamb/delirium.

i wasnt playing around this time 😤 😤 😤

re: binding of isaac 

"went back" as in, somehow my run where i got the satan/lamb/delirium marks was not on hard mode? and i dont know how that happened??

either way, i have them now :blobfox3c:

re: binding of isaac 

finished out tainted samson's note by beating the beast!

thinking about trying to do some more tainted judas runs

re: binding of isaac 

had an absolutely GODLIKE isaac run.

found godhead in the FIRST angel room as well as getting an angel room on almost EVERY SINGLE FLOOR

shit was just fucking incredible
beat mother, satan, the lamb and delirium on hard mode.

trying to start going through and getting all the hard mode marks for each non tainted character so i can get the mega mush :3

re: binding of isaac 

ive had some very very good runs tonight.

too bad i cant get this kind of luck when i really need it 😩 (read: when i do tainted lost runs)

re: binding of isaac 

went through and did a lot of the forgotten's hard mode marks tonight.

did all but the beast and had some REALLY incredible runs.

the run from the screenshot below was just wild.
i took on mega satan and that bitch was only able to attack ONCE per PHASE
shit was wild

re: binding of isaac 

good GOD

tainted cain is FUN

but you HAVE TO HAVE the damn. external item descriptions otherwise it would be a PAIN in the ASS

im an hour and a half into my run, not even to mom yet and im incredibly fucking powerful.

re: binding of isaac 

holy fuck. got back from a little break and finished up this run with t. cain.

did boss rush, mother, satan, the lamb, and delirium

such an incredible fucking character lmao

*please* look at my stats,,. delirium literally couldnt finish his first attack before he died lmaoooooo

re: binding of isaac 

that run took me two and a half hours to finish lmao

think i may do another one tomorrow. i may try to cheese some of the tainted lost's marks by crafting a bunch of good items and then using the clicker to change characters over to the lost :blobfox3c:

re: binding of isaac 

did another t cain run tonight and finished out hush, isaac, ???, and mega satan

all i need is the beast on him and hes basically done

think im gonna take a break with him tho bc its just a lot lmao

may do some t judas runs tomorrow

re: binding of isaac 

did! a really good tainted judas run tonight.

i did mother, hush, isaac, ???, and delirium!

i picked up anima sola in the chest and that + dark arts is an incredible combo~

re: binding of isaac 

finished out isaac, ???, and mega satan with tainted judas.

did a few runs with tainted forgotten tonight as well. finished out thru isaac and ??? and picked up mother and mega satan as well!

re: binding of isaac 

*deep breath in*
*deep breath out*

i beat isaac, ???, mega satan, and delirium with tainted lazarus.

holy. shit.

re: binding of isaac 

tainted lazarus is:
- hard
- kinda? maybe? a little bit? fun

he's like jacob and esau but 75% harder.

which is.........
it is! uwu

re: binding of isaac 


had a REALLY good run going as the tainted lost and because of some careless mistakes i lost one shield and wasted another

i was in the corpse 2 when i died

one of these days i'll get to the bosses past it lives...

re: binding of isaac 

i should just do a tainted cain run and make a shitload of eden's blessings and then do a tainted lost run.

that way i start out with some (hopefully) good shit

re: binding of isaac 

have been doing a lot of challenges, I think I'm down to just 5 left, with one I still need to unlock

re: binding of isaac 

WHEW got some of the few remaining normal-ish challenges out of the way,.

beat: Brains, Beans, Bloody Mary, and It's in the Cards

now all I have left are the fucking annoyingly difficult ones 👀💦

re: binding of isaac 

this is just someone's trollsona.

re: binding of isaac 

beat another challenge. just down to 5 now!

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