holy shit. autodesk has unveiled a new pricing scheme where you dont even pay for your license, instead you buy goddamn tokens that you use to pay for time.

what a fucking joke


and not to mention the tokens you purchase expire.

and look at these fucking PRICES
and because each of their products uses them at a different rate its just

its just fucking incredible they did this

@compufox what the fuck. We're sure this is going to go over well(not like anyone has a choice)

@compufox my first reaction was "oh this seems potentially cool!" (thinking it'd be like, $2/ day or something) but those fucking prices!

@c24h29clo4 and then after a year they expire and you have to buy more

@compufox yeah what the fuck!

The rent-it-daily is perhaps the only monetisation system aside from outright purchases that doesn't inherently suck - I can absolutely see people who need the software a couple of days / weeks a year and so buying a $2k software package doesn't make sense

But the way they're doing it is literally the worst of both worlds

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