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re: binding of isaac 

finished the beast fight!

tainted eve's card is filled!

re: binding of isaac 

did a few runs with Tainted Samson and he's.......... interesting to learn.

its very jarring to go from normal Isaac gameplay to playing as the forgotten with melee.

the best thing was that I found the book item that gives you 10seconds of invulnerability which GREATLY aided my run.

I was able to get boss rush, hush, Mega Satan, Isaac and ??? on that run, hoping to get the mother, the lamb and satan on the next

re: binding of isaac 

did another run with tainted samson and beat satan, the lamb, and delirium.

All i need now is mother and the beast!

re: binding of isaac 

did a few tainted lost runs because i love pain and had a REALLY good one going but picked up the item that makes you shoot diagonally bc of curse of the blind and that kinda ruined it

and also i could NOT find a fucking holy card for the life of me.

went the entirety of the depths, and the womb without a mantle shield protecting me. it was stressful.

i died shortly after taking this screenshot., but like. look at this ridiculous damn build.

re: binding of isaac 

WHEW~ had a few iffy tainted lost runs, but got one really good one going and was able to clear the boss rush and beat the beast~

really lucked out by finding chocolate milk after having brimstone, tbh.

re: binding of isaac 

doing some tainted jacob runs bc i hate having fun

and then i found the spindown dice
and ive been absolutely wrecking shit.

so much so that i literally cant avoid killing dark Esau.
i went into the mega satan fight after beating ??? and the game literally crashed from how much shit was on the screen. this was the last thing i saw before having to quit the game

re: binding of isaac 

tried again, without picking up a few certain items in the chest, and was able to beat mega satan AND delirium in record time. shit was AWESOME

re: binding of isaac, annoyed 

tbh fuck this unfair shitass game

re: binding of isaac, annoyed 

***WHY*** would the wooden cross be considered the same shield as the holy card?!??!


re: binding of isaac 

completed 4 challenges tonight, including some difficult ones like "Red Redemption" and "Hot Potato"!

think i may do more challenges next time i play but also i may just do some tainted cain runs (which is what doing these challenges was in prep for)

re: binding of isaac 

i opened the steam overlay to see my current session play time and say these guides offered up and they made me laugh really hard

re: binding of isaac 

did a mother run as tainted samson and went back for my hard mode mark on satan/lamb/delirium.

i wasnt playing around this time 😤 😤 😤

re: binding of isaac 

"went back" as in, somehow my run where i got the satan/lamb/delirium marks was not on hard mode? and i dont know how that happened??

either way, i have them now :blobfox3c:

re: binding of isaac 

finished out tainted samson's note by beating the beast!

thinking about trying to do some more tainted judas runs

re: binding of isaac 

had an absolutely GODLIKE isaac run.

found godhead in the FIRST angel room as well as getting an angel room on almost EVERY SINGLE FLOOR

shit was just fucking incredible
beat mother, satan, the lamb and delirium on hard mode.

trying to start going through and getting all the hard mode marks for each non tainted character so i can get the mega mush :3

re: binding of isaac 

ive had some very very good runs tonight.

too bad i cant get this kind of luck when i really need it 😩 (read: when i do tainted lost runs)

re: binding of isaac 

went through and did a lot of the forgotten's hard mode marks tonight.

did all but the beast and had some REALLY incredible runs.

the run from the screenshot below was just wild.
i took on mega satan and that bitch was only able to attack ONCE per PHASE
shit was wild

re: binding of isaac 

good GOD

tainted cain is FUN

but you HAVE TO HAVE the damn. external item descriptions otherwise it would be a PAIN in the ASS

im an hour and a half into my run, not even to mom yet and im incredibly fucking powerful.

re: binding of isaac 

holy fuck. got back from a little break and finished up this run with t. cain.

did boss rush, mother, satan, the lamb, and delirium

such an incredible fucking character lmao

*please* look at my stats,,. delirium literally couldnt finish his first attack before he died lmaoooooo

re: binding of isaac 

that run took me two and a half hours to finish lmao

think i may do another one tomorrow. i may try to cheese some of the tainted lost's marks by crafting a bunch of good items and then using the clicker to change characters over to the lost :blobfox3c:

re: binding of isaac 

did another t cain run tonight and finished out hush, isaac, ???, and mega satan

all i need is the beast on him and hes basically done

think im gonna take a break with him tho bc its just a lot lmao

may do some t judas runs tomorrow

re: binding of isaac 

did! a really good tainted judas run tonight.

i did mother, hush, isaac, ???, and delirium!

i picked up anima sola in the chest and that + dark arts is an incredible combo~

re: binding of isaac 

finished out isaac, ???, and mega satan with tainted judas.

did a few runs with tainted forgotten tonight as well. finished out thru isaac and ??? and picked up mother and mega satan as well!

re: binding of isaac 

*deep breath in*
*deep breath out*

i beat isaac, ???, mega satan, and delirium with tainted lazarus.

holy. shit.

re: binding of isaac 

tainted lazarus is:
- hard
- kinda? maybe? a little bit? fun

he's like jacob and esau but 75% harder.

which is.........
it is! uwu

re: binding of isaac 


had a REALLY good run going as the tainted lost and because of some careless mistakes i lost one shield and wasted another

i was in the corpse 2 when i died

one of these days i'll get to the bosses past it lives...

re: binding of isaac 

i should just do a tainted cain run and make a shitload of eden's blessings and then do a tainted lost run.

that way i start out with some (hopefully) good shit

re: binding of isaac 

have been doing a lot of challenges, I think I'm down to just 5 left, with one I still need to unlock

re: binding of isaac 

WHEW got some of the few remaining normal-ish challenges out of the way,.

beat: Brains, Beans, Bloody Mary, and It's in the Cards

now all I have left are the fucking annoyingly difficult ones 👀💦

re: binding of isaac 

this is just someone's trollsona.

re: binding of isaac 

beat another challenge. just down to 5 now!

re: binding of isaac 

spent about two hours doing some tainted cain runs to unlock the one challenge (pica run) i didnt have yet.

now that i have it unlocked im sure it'll be pretty easy to get done. its the last challenge im actually looking forward to lol

re: binding of isaac, silly, body horror(?) 

this is why friends dont let friends use magic skin

re: binding of isaac 

completely finished up tainted azazel's note! while i was at it i went ahead and did some hard mode runs with lilith and cut a nice swath of red on her note :3

ive tried doing a few tainted maggie runs as well, but i just cant get into the flow of her yet. i havent even been able to get to mom's heart with her ~w~

re: binding of isaac 

i DID it. i beat aprils fool.

and FUCK you The Bloat


3 more challenges left

re: binding of isaac 


*FIRST* run of the day and i beat the Speed! challenge!!!!

holy heck! :33333

re: binding of isaac 

im down to TWO challenges left, Ultra Hard and Onan's Streak

😩 heck

re: binding of isaac 

oh!!!!! my GOD!

i beat Onan's Streak after just two attempts! HEll YEAH (see pic below for items and stats)

now all i have left is fucking Ultra Hard. ;w;

re: binding of isaac 

well this was a very good greedier run


re: binding of isaac 

eve is such a fun character, it sucks you have to grind greed mode a bit to unlock the razor as a starting item. bc once you get it it kinda changes the whole way you play her and its great

re: binding of isaac 

doing tainted lost runs really makes me relate to goku tbh

i face trials over and over
dying sometimes
until i yell and scream enough and (eventually) overcome

re: binding of isaac 

been playing a lot of tainted lost.

*long sighs*

re: binding of isaac 

*bites my controller*

re: binding of isaac 

*squeezes my controller, holding back an scream*

re: binding of isaac 

found the red key in a curse room and got so excited that I forgot what I was playing and fucking just. left the room and died and nothing has made me more angry today than that

re: binding of isaac 

it feels like I can get ONE good tainted lost run before I just start like. over thinking shit and die.

great ~w~

re: binding of isaac 

somehow I beat the boss rush AND the beast with tainted lost and now I can barely get past mom. ugh ~w~

re: binding of isaac 

got tired of my loss streak being so high so i did a maggie run just to get some of her hard mode marks

unfortuantely the game cheated me out of a delirium kill. as in. i beat him, the cut scenes played but then nothing.

like. the boss was still there, his health was at zero, and nothing just happened.

and exiting and continuing just restarted the fucking fight. that i lost.

thanks game.

re: binding of isaac 

finally got my rightful victory on delirium with maggie. took a break from her after i cleared up most of her other hard mode marks and moved on to cain and holy COW i forgot how GOOD he was.

he was the first character i got every mark on, and i havent really played him since then. but WOW. that SPEEd and DAMAGE just right out the gate. ESPECIALLY compared with maggie lmao

had a great run with him and got the marks for over half his note in that one run.

re: binding of isaac 

finally got the last 'ace' card unlocked. (the ace of spades)

to unlock it you have to beat the lamb while also not picking up any bombs, hearts, or coins. items that give you those pickups directly are fine, but not ones where they just spawn them.

i accomplished this by doing a run as the lost and avoiding anything i could pick up sans keys and cards

by the third floor i was guppy and just fucking wrecking shit

felt good ngl.

re: binding of isaac 

also it felt really *really* good to just. completely dominate a run with a character i used to loathe.

which made me feel like i really have gained SOME semblance of skill as a player throughout these ~500hrs

re: binding of isaac 

did a bunch of runs yesterday and i got cheated out of my two items from eden's blessings i picked up in a run.

which sucks and tempts me to just cheat them in so i can get something on my next run. im OWED it :fox_triumph:

re: binding of isaac 

"oh cool vanishing twin! this will be good so i can get more items!"

*goes to mines and runs into great gideon*
"haha okay. so. now what"

*checks wiki*
ah yeah. cool. a softlock. just like i thought.

great. cool. thanks game ~w~

re: binding of isaac 

oh my God what an incredible run so far

re: binding of isaac 

my first run in a few weeks and it went *very* well

re: binding of isaac 

had an absolutely *incredible* run with azazel

didnt get hit at all in the void, which is pretty cool imo

re: binding of isaac 

lmfao holy shit.

slogged thru a lazarus run to get the last few hard mode marks for him and decided to wind down with a keeper run and finish him up and holy shit

i wish i had streamed it. it was fucking. INCREDIBLE

i narrowly died like. 10 times on the mine chase sequence, ended up finding godhead and twisted pair in the "members only" shop, picked up the 4.5volt and technology before the boss rush and wiped the fucking FLOOR with every boss from mother to delirium lmao

shit was absolutely WILD.

re: binding of isaac 

my biggest failings in this game are i just get so greedy.

"haha yeah i can do this miniboss. no biggie"


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