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re: binding of isaac 

finally got my rightful victory on delirium with maggie. took a break from her after i cleared up most of her other hard mode marks and moved on to cain and holy COW i forgot how GOOD he was.

he was the first character i got every mark on, and i havent really played him since then. but WOW. that SPEEd and DAMAGE just right out the gate. ESPECIALLY compared with maggie lmao

had a great run with him and got the marks for over half his note in that one run.

re: binding of isaac 

finally got the last 'ace' card unlocked. (the ace of spades)

to unlock it you have to beat the lamb while also not picking up any bombs, hearts, or coins. items that give you those pickups directly are fine, but not ones where they just spawn them.

i accomplished this by doing a run as the lost and avoiding anything i could pick up sans keys and cards

by the third floor i was guppy and just fucking wrecking shit

felt good ngl.

re: binding of isaac 

also it felt really *really* good to just. completely dominate a run with a character i used to loathe.

which made me feel like i really have gained SOME semblance of skill as a player throughout these ~500hrs

re: binding of isaac 

did a bunch of runs yesterday and i got cheated out of my two items from eden's blessings i picked up in a run.

which sucks and tempts me to just cheat them in so i can get something on my next run. im OWED it :fox_triumph:

re: binding of isaac 

"oh cool vanishing twin! this will be good so i can get more items!"

*goes to mines and runs into great gideon*
"haha okay. so. now what"

*checks wiki*
ah yeah. cool. a softlock. just like i thought.

great. cool. thanks game ~w~

re: binding of isaac 

oh my God what an incredible run so far

re: binding of isaac 

my first run in a few weeks and it went *very* well

re: binding of isaac 

had an absolutely *incredible* run with azazel

didnt get hit at all in the void, which is pretty cool imo

re: binding of isaac 

lmfao holy shit.

slogged thru a lazarus run to get the last few hard mode marks for him and decided to wind down with a keeper run and finish him up and holy shit

i wish i had streamed it. it was fucking. INCREDIBLE

i narrowly died like. 10 times on the mine chase sequence, ended up finding godhead and twisted pair in the "members only" shop, picked up the 4.5volt and technology before the boss rush and wiped the fucking FLOOR with every boss from mother to delirium lmao

shit was absolutely WILD.

re: binding of isaac 

my biggest failings in this game are i just get so greedy.

"haha yeah i can do this miniboss. no biggie"


re: binding of isaac 

whew. had a fantastic run with tainted lilith.

they gave her a buff in the new patch so that her familiar that fires tears actually fires *towards* enemies instead of straight ahead which is SO much better and shes SO much fun to play!

i literally beat mega satan and delirium without getting hit once.

good stuff :3

re: binding of isaac 

i also have been playing with a new boss health bar mod because it does a lot of nice things (including having special elements for certain bosses)
and i think i caused it to glitch out? because all of a sudden sprites just started freaking out?

this was most amusing (and scary) during the mother fight, when the *only* other sprite in the room is the boss herself....

re: binding of isaac 

had a pretty good run going with eden until i got into the corpse. lost about all of my health and ended up dying in the mother fight.

*literally* before the last hit. and im just ~w~

re: binding of isaac 

on the plus side i apparently got "REAL Platinum God" which woo mee i guess?

re: binding of isaac 

you know its a good plan when it starts out "okay let me intentionally crash the game"

re: binding of Isaac, silly, self aggrandizing 

it turns out: it was a good plan and im a genius :blobfoxuwu:

re: binding of Isaac 

I am having the RUN of my fucking LIFE right now

re: binding of Isaac 

so I didn't want the run to end after I beat delirium and I found the perfect item combo to roll myself into the R key

so, after sucking EVERY bit of item charge I could out of the void I am now back on floor one. >:3

re: binding of Isaac 

so that run was just incredible.

I walked into rooms and destroyed everything.

and if I dared to fire anything I mostly inflicted damage to myself

when I got to the ??? fight I didn't move and let my army of boneys take out the boss

mega satan was over in 30seconds

just. what a run.

re: binding of Isaac 

I need to do Jacob&Esau, Delirium with Lazarus, Isaac with Maggie and then beast/greedier for those without it

and I will have gotten all hard mode marks with all non-tainted characters

I'm so close I can almost taste it

re: binding of Isaac 

I think I'm a lot closer to 100%ing binding of Isaac than I realize 👀

re: binding of Isaac 

lmfao in the new binding of Isaac update they fixed the thing that allowed me to get the R key last night.

literally that run would not have been possible if I had done it tonight.


re: binding of Isaac 

did a run to get the delirium marker with laz and almost beat delirium solely with Pay to Play, but I ran out of fucking coins lmfao

that happened when he was at ~25% health.

I almost fucking had it :p

re: binding of Isaac 

welp first Jacob & Esau run went well.......

like. very well

re: binding of Isaac 

*first J&E run on hard mode

re: binding of Isaac 

good god I fell right back in the swing of things with J&E

maybe???? im actually good at this game????? what the FUCK??????

re: binding of Isaac 

went through and fully completed Judas, Eve, Lilith, and Bethany

they already had greedier mode complete so they were easy to sweep up.

now to go through and do greedier mode for..... *sigh* every other character ~w~

re: binding of Isaac 

I love how all the advice for challenges is just "make sure you get <item>"
like, bitch. I would get it if I could ever find that shit :fox_triumph::fox_triumph:

re: binding of Isaac 

images that fill your heart with joy

re: binding of Isaac 

fully finished the keeper. had an absolutely phenomenal greedier mode run where I found the sacred orb super early and it gave me MANY high quality items the rest of the run. it was great.

re: binding of Isaac 

with the keeper fully cleared that brings my total fully cleared count up to 6

just 11 more :weary_computer_user:

re: binding of Isaac 

well heck, ive been getting greedier mode runs done left and right the last day or so.

i think i only need a handful more (3??) and then i just need to do the beast for everyone who doesnt have her beaten.

oh my god?? its happening?!?!?!

re: binding of Isaac 

did a bunch of good runs last night on stream.

im down to only needing to beat greed mode with ??? and Apollyon and both of them are gonna be a pain in the ass

ive only gotten ONE decent apollyon run going and it died in the first phase of ultra greed

*long sigh*

i just need a few really good runs and then i'll be home free with some easy beast runs

re: binding of Isaac 

down to two characters left

and then im done with all of the non-tainted characters

im kinda 📳

re: binding of Isaac 

im done :3

well. half done.

now i just need to..... do the tainted versions... :x

re: binding of Isaac 

took a look at which tainted characters i would need to clear out and went ahead and started with some runs.

did a t. lazarus run and the changes they made in the last couple updates are interesting?

still very difficult. that run died in the corpse (aptly enough)

did a t. lost run and it got fairly far but it still died early, unfortunately.

oh well. nothing else to do but keep trucking

re: binding of Isaac 

its going to be a long road to the death certificate. but i feel that we'll get there. slowly but surely ~w~


re: binding of Isaac 

oh my goddddddddddd

had one just incredible run

i died to delirium, and if i hadnt of ran into a haunted chest (that i just unlocked lmao) then i would have definitely beaten him.

holy shit im so invigorated now. these are the first unlocks ive gotten with tainted lost in SO long. oh my GOD

re: binding of Isaac 

holy????? moly????????????

am i uh?
am i a gamer??????!?!???!?!

re: binding of Isaac 

catch me beating one of the hardest bosses by huddling in a corner and praying :isadab:

re: binding of Isaac 

fully finished out tainted lilith

god shes just? probably my favorite character

re: binding of Isaac, caps 


had an absolutely GREAT run with tainted lost and FINISHED OUT HIS CARD

just need to do greedier and he's DONE

re: binding of Isaac 

God I'm so happy I was stuck on him for so long with NOTHING done and in the course of a week I have everything but greedier done.

re: binding of Isaac, caps 




god BLESS those mfing horny bois 🙌 🙌 🙌

re: binding of Isaac 

good fucking god. so.

i have been struggling with tainted eve greedier runs and i was like "okay lets try to pick up this run"

and uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh its fucking gone places.

re: binding of Isaac 

i just got breakfast-ed and im tempted to pop that rkey

but i feel like this run has gone on long enough. ive literally just stood in the same floor buying any and everything that shows up in the shop

re: binding of Isaac, potentially flashing images 

ultra greed was a bit of a pushover :smirkingfox:

re: binding of Isaac 

tainted keeper is driving me up a fucking wall. i want to fucking SCREAM

i have had so many fucking GOOD runs and then i just fucking die.

i had the goddamn sacred orb and a lot of GOOD shit and then i just fucking ate a goddamn tear.


re: binding of Isaac 

*takes a deep breath*

okay. time to do more tainted eden.
a good way to relax :weary_computer_user:

re: binding of Isaac 

okay yeah i died on the second floor with t eden

at least i had a good greedier run with t forgotten.

thats the only good run i had today ~w~

re: binding of Isaac 

well. i finished todays daily run. so thats good. it puts me a little closer to three achievements, so theres that uwu

re: binding of Isaac, visual clusterfuck 

so i did a tainted keeper run and it went **very** well

this is how the hush and delirium fights went, respectively
(neither even had a chance to shoot anything)

re: binding of Isaac 

firing once in a room would drop my fps to ~14

shit was incredible.

i had parasite, broken bones, and crickets body AND everything was homing.

absolutely buckwild run

re: binding of Isaac 

i hate this goddamn game

re: binding of Isaac 

so ive gotten down to ultra greedier twice now with tainted jacob (and almost beaten him once)

however, this second time. when i try to enter the arena with him the game just crashes. and i will be DAMNED. if i had to just. do an entire other run without even getting a fucking shot at him.


re: binding of Isaac 

PHEW okay.

that second time just kept crashing so i just restarted the run and the THIRD time didnt give me any trouble.

thank fucking god.

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re: binding of Isaac, visual clusterfuck 


I usually like MagicEye drawings, but I'm just not seeing these.

re: binding of Isaac, visual clusterfuck 

@Hayling yeah its pretty hard to make out but it eventually forms a big stinkin' W

re: binding of Isaac, visual clusterfuck 


n i c e

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