you ever see a single page of a website and go “oh yeah these distro devs LOVE crypto”

this is also the first distro I’ve ever seen to ship with the default file system set as BTRFS

idk, the website just gives me “Opera Browser for Gaming” vibes and that is a hairs breadth away from crypto vibes.

@compufox my review: avoid the distro just steal the repos for your pacman.conf

only drawback is that this will result in neofetch, etc aggressively mis-distroing your linux install as Garuda Linux and immense distro dysphoria.

@compufox wait isnt that the arch one that comes with a theme??

@dragon I guess?

it is built on top of arch at the very least

@bound no, it was just the overall website vibes that made my mind just to crypto

@bound however, I pointed out BTRFS because it was surprising that it was the default. I’ve read quite a few horror stories related to using that file system and I personally would not use it

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