seems as though discord heard my whining and made the client match the desktop’s theme


open to test your stereo speaker setup 

*moves to your left* reh :dragnsarc:

*moves to your right* reh :dragnyell:

*moves directly behind you* reh :dragnpeek:

test complete!

Me watching resident evil village: wow this game is kinda goofy

Me whenever the big lady is on screen: hoots and hollers

@melaniemoo I watched the jimquisition thingy they posted about it and they said that it was "incredibly horror camp" and ngl that makes me want to play it really bad 😩

Regular expressions implies the existence of:

Thinking about how its odd that we just are like “houses & cars? okay to haggle on” but not for anything else

are you kirby? because I think I'm in dreamland

subtoot, software speculation 

ohhhhh a purely graph-based git client would be neat.

like being able to perform actions like cherrypicking/forking/etc etc solely by clicking and dragging around nodes in a graph view would be hella nice, especially for beginners (and also me bc i like dragging nodes around)

meta shitpost, instagram ment 

i was thinking about how instagram has features you can only unlock once you reach a certain thousand of followers. i think we should have that on mastodon except it permanently changes all the buttons to the log out button

Dental $$$ help, boosts appreciated 

Tomorrow (May 11th) I have a dentist appointment and since my fucking dental insurance has a 6 MONTH waiting period and I couldn't get it waived nor can I wait for this extraction, I have to pay out of pocket.

I have at least a few procedures that need to be done but this extraction is high on priority and it needs to get done. I'm gonna pay for it, but I just need help to recover the cost because that's a huge hole from my pockets. (I still have other bills to take care off this month)

Its $258.

Im probably going to have to wait and do my other procedures in November but at least i can get this one done. :/

Anything and everything is appreciated$melaninpony


*getting cozy* haha don’t nap
*covering up with a blanket* haha but for real tho

*waking up* “darn”

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Got into my cozy spot on the couch, told myself I wasn’t going to fall asleep

And then woke up 6hours later

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