⛅Custom Weather Fennec auction is now LIVE!⛅

This will be the LAST Weather Fennec adoptable. Winner gets to choose what type of weather their critter will be based off of!

Autobuy bundle includes a floppy disk badge and a full illustration!

Auction furaffinity.net/view/37231589/

ego death ment 

some people need to hear this tbh

@joshua i UNDERstand

my laptop is very similar.
i get like 7 tabs and im like "haha opening the browser was a mistake"

love 2 open firefox and see just the outlines of 8 windows fade into existence and nervously laugh

Burger Pupdate 🐶 

Updated my phone lockscreen AGAIN cuz he's already bigger than the last one I took a couple weeks ago. 😭

🍔 💕

@mlemdigo theres a sticker downloading bot! i cant remember the @ of it offhand but it'll download all stickers from a pack and give it to you in a zip

the existence of directx implies the existence of an indirectx

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