re: binding of isaac 

FINALLY got the holy mantle on the lost


just needed a couple of really greed runs

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re: naked old guy 

@melaniemoo @ari really recontextualizes the whole lightning&kite string story

naked old guy 

Ben Franklin invented air bathing so he could waggle his dick at passers by

re: binding of isaac 

holy shit had an incredible azazel greed run

i even got to drop 91 fucking coins into the greed machine.

the ultimate run 😩

(plus bc of the POP item i was shooting out eyeballs after the brimstone laser. and because sacred heart, the eyeballs would float and then seek out enemies. AND i had revelation so i was shooting out dual brimstone beams)

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Getting an engineering degree with a minor in business to Speedrun being a grifter

Let's talk about Common Lisp Recipes, 2nd Edition. What changes and additions would you like to see in it?

Boosts welcome.

#commonlisp #lisp #commonlisprecipes

Fun thing to try if you want to lessen you environmental impact: After a day trip to spend 90 minutes in space, consider washing all "astronaut's" space suits in the same load!

re: binding of isaac 

oops fucked up and didnt get my maggie completion stuff to sync from my laptop to my desktop so i'll have to get another good run with her to re-acquire my completion marks
but i was able to beat the boss rush with her at least so thats good at least

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"haha I'm just gonna nap for like an hour. I'll even set a timer"

my body: bitch u thought

cw eye contact, food

ready for a slox summer :xenon_heart:​ ☀️

by @Corgi :xenon_heart:

-- slox :xenon_heart:

ive calculated that i need $1043 saved for deposit and rent come august 1st, please help me leave. im honestly afraid of getting hit if i tell them "no" or confront them in any way. and im afraid of my rabbits dying because of their forced neglect.

thank you

#crowdfunding #TransCrowdFund #bunnies

please boost!! :boost_ok: :bun_love:

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