@imani in actuality i wonder how hard it would be to compile a dos/console emulator to webassembly and then have it run a rom

money stuff, request for help as usual 

hello from a new phone! we have a phone plan! (partly because we managed to get a promotional $25 of credit free)

anyway, we'd still like to support ourselves and our cat, who we also need to prevent from tearing up the carpets. but we're not in emergency

any bit counts, but definitely give to other folks first, and put your own oxygen mask on before helping others. and thank you to everyone that helps out โœจ
#TransCrowdFund #DisabilityCrowdFund

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Jokes about the 8th letter of the alphabet H poorly

*scrolls down my YouTube feed*
Hmm...Try Guys Keith Eats Everything In..."Your Kitchen?" Thats weird. It's a live stream. Scheduled for...*looks at my clock*

*glass shatters downstairs*

request for financial help 

... i hate that i have to ask for help with this, given everything that everyone's dealing with a lot right now, but...

our car was fucking towed by out apartment complex without any reasonable warning and due to the plague (and us not going out often), we just got the notice today from the towing place. They stole our car and it's gonna cost us almost $800 to get it back.
But the worst part, is that our apartment complex did this to us. We desperately want to get out of here; we have a place to go, but it's gonna cost us an obscene amount of money to break the lease (~$3400) on top of our already high rent.

If anybody can help, i'd be immensely grateful.
my paypal is kat.thomp1@gmail.com

thank you all for reading... thank you

tired: closed source software

wired: open source software

inspired: no source software. software that appeared spontaneously as a direct consequence of the laws of physics.

๐ŸŒฟ name & pronouns update! 

itโ€™s time motherfuckers

new name alert:

my name is Noah. iโ€™m fucking vibing. anywayz pls call be Noah now but itโ€™s okay to call me bee too! much like my instance-mate, both are ok! also gonna casually start using they/he pronouns. nbd.....๐Ÿ‘€

anywho love yโ€™all, thanks in advance for the boosts and gender euphoria in the comments ๐ŸŒฟ


thinking about streaming more sekiro tomorrow.
possibly around 7EDT

may eventually morph into something else if i get stuck or bored or something!

Open to find out if youre gay 

You're gay

I swear I never fucking get sick of the 'trans smile' like that smile you do when your picture is being taken and you realize you're comfy with that and you feel good abt yourself and you get almost giddy like,,,,, holy shit I love trans people so fucking much

@lifning @chosafine most have TWO recipe corners.

i wouldnt consider it a reach to say that pclinuxos magazine is just a cooking mag with a few linuxy things here and there ;3

They named the new character V. In the fifth game.

Good job.

DMC5 continues next.


#TruckCommunity #stream


@chosafine PCLinuxOS is the whitest possible Linux distribution, as evidenced by pclosmag.com/html/enter.html
(in which every issue has a recipe corner, and some have weird rants about how those dern ess jay dubyu's are invading open source and ruining it by making Linus Torvalds say fuck less)


hey if you play blaseball please idolize a tacos pitcher, i desperately want the snackrifice to happen tacosblaseball.com/snackrifice

re: blaseball 

@jay ohhhh my god hahahaha i love this commitment

@melaninpony no i mean
whatre you trying to accomplish?

just getting it's alt skin?

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