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so i do my tail toss
check my claws
foxy how you doin'
doin' rawr as hell

‪There’s two wolves inside of me and one is my desire to read homestuck 2 and the other is my complete unwillingness to read the epilogue ‬and they are fighting always

lb: am gonna boost until I get a flirt

(note: not really but also plz)

selfie, eye contact 

can you believe we all just accept widespread emotional manipulation and abuse in the form of advertising

@Tooch No

but if youre talking about yourself....

sleep well 💞

the cookie, which we have named “cooky 2” 

reclaimed slurs (d slur & q slur) 

cooky 3 (alc) 


Box system: exists

Everyone on planet earth: 😍😊💖❤💞💖💕🤯💓💘🤯😍

sort of a subtoot(?), caps 

seeing this at the used bookstore and becoming briefly transfixed by it

selfie, eye contact 

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