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Do you ever just look at a pretty girl and instantly die from how gorgeous she is?

need me some more art of strong/tall girls (especially trans girls) getting cuddles and tender intimacy and generally just not being expected to be aggressively dominant

*points at plural friends* vALID
*points at furry frens* VAliD
*points at kin frens* VALid
*points at nonbinary frens* valID
*points at trans frens without dysphoria* ValiD
*points at u* Fucking Valid

the two lesbian emotions (joking) 

y'all. lets please stop using "poly" for "polyamorous" and get in the habit of using "polya" or "polyam". the reasoning behind this is a plea from Polynesian folk who have claimed the ID "Poly" for themselves, like, A WHILE ago.

FAQ :psyduck:

A: Its fine if you didn't know, we're always learning.

A: Congrats if you already do this.

A: If you feel esp defensive about this, thats the racism trying to leave your body. Let it go.

A: If you won't, congrats, you're a racist.

you sobbing, "sel, not everything can be complicit in the tyranny of everyday life"

me, pointing at the clock in front of a bank: "that's complicit on the tyranny of everyday life"

3D Modeling Question for the void 

Can I get a shirt that says β€œTransby Mess” ?

Btw, just in case y'all didn't know, you can just tack .json on the end of any post or user url on masto if you wanna view the raw json

reading the ap spec for like 15 minutes and im already tired and done

fluffyyy,,,,,,, pawwwwwbsssssss



can i just say that all of y'all who have made this online space my weird, queer online home over the past year have made my life so much better? because y'all have

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