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the cookie, which we have named “cooky 2” 

@Rybark @Ace @psykhedelos introducing cooky 2

we thought the texture was going. to be weird so we made it one big old cooky... and then it started to smoke a lot

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reclaimed slurs (d slur & q slur) 

i am gay and i am a lesbian and i am queer and i am a dyke and these arent contradictory


Box system: exists

Everyone on planet earth: 😍😊💖❤💞💖💕🤯💓💘🤯😍

seeing this at the used bookstore and becoming briefly transfixed by it

selfie, eye contact 

sorry I look too cute to not be being smooched right now uwu

(flirts, etc okay)

Be queer enough to embarrass the corporate gays

stumbling into local punk shows

bad for my tinnitus
good for my mental health

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c'mon, it's not the 90's anymore - you don't need to stick to web-safe genders

sample of my wares:

- im gay
- holy shit im gay
- girls
- omg cutie
- G O R L S

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