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ive learned the windows shortcut for taking a screenshot without opening snip tool and i have now become too powerful

silly, im sorry 

sorry folks i'll never watch promare

i'm more into amateurmare

i got to see this happen live on stream and it felt like being there for the moon landing. pure magic. skullgirls was built by and for clowns.

@compufox just figured I'd point out the second one is by Caraid who is a fantastic artist :3

@compufox Foxes make anything 10000000% prettier

it's a known fact

10 outta 10 doctors agree :3c

I'm so happy that there are more foxes in the new MTG series' art

holy shit just remembered to check and see which version of the song i had on that backup disk

and its the original
aaaaaa holy shit nice

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At a 2002 Nintendo press event, early footage of Super Mario Sunshine was shown; however, no cameras were permitted. A correspondent of the British NGC Magazine drew sketches of what he saw in the footage; notably, a talking Yoshi NPC. In the finished game, Yoshis do not talk.

unpopular opinion but you should give head pats

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