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can people pls stop with this "trans women are women, trans men are men and nonbinary people are valid" bullshit we're not just valid nonbinary people are nonbinary keep the same energ with us as with other trans people or fuck off

being mean to people is just a capitalist way of enforcing the idea that everything is a zero-sum game and others being happy means you're less happy
break the cycle and be nice and you'll find out it make everyone happier, including yourself

the ice king had the right idea. you should just call everyone 'Gunter'

it's so much easier

me and @otteruw8ing4 sent a tractor to space in astroneer and everything was 100% fine and normal

animal eye contact 

get u someone who looks at u like this

Hey poly friends, a friend of mine is considering entering a poly relationship for the first time and nobody involved has done poly before. I'm an outsider who knows completely zero about this but I figured Mastodon would know where to find the good reading material. Where should I look to point them to best practices, ideas for setting ground rules and boundaries, etc.? :boost_rainbow:

gonna design all my standalone software to blast techno music while you run it

system administration question, request for advice :boost_ok: 

netdata on the cybrespace matrix server has been reporting the following alarm at a steadily increasing rate over the last couple months: ip.tcp_accept_queue, "the average number of times the TCP accept queue of the kernel overflown, during the last minute"

this seems like the symptom of another problem, but i can't find much information about what it might be a symptom *of* (other than, possibly, a slow application not accepting connections fast enough).

can anyone advise? what should i be looking for to further diagnose the cause? what, if anything, could i do to mitigate this at the system level?

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