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stockholm syndrome, cops, gaslighting 

@twistylittlepassages Kristin Enmark was more afraid of the incompetent police than the bank robbers that were holding her hostage so the psychologist working with the police made up a syndrome on the spot so they could call her crazy to explain but wanting to die in a hail of bullets because the authorities refused to negotiate. this only happened in 1973, never became a real diagnosis but became sensationalized in the media and popular culture

Handmade Scood (hooded scarf) for sale! 

Now that it's getting colder, have you considered a handmade Scood? Gloriously soft and fluffy, with bejumpered sausage dog patterns on the inside (or outside if you wish; it's reversible!!)

£38 (this includes postage in the price for UK residents)

Email: to order or ask any questions, invoices will be sent via paypal. #sewing #brynnsews

new magic the gathering mechanic idea 


selfie, ec, boosts appreciated ❤️ 




"haha this granola bar sure is crumbly and has a lot of crumbs in the bottom of the wrapper! i better be careful to not get it anywhe-"

#lazyWeb question: what's the android software that you can use to take #3d scans by moving your camera around? I'm looking for something free (and hopefully #foss) that generates open formats, like #STL.

My friend had a mastectomy, so she wants to scan her chest to get the current contour of the impacted side, then do a left-to right flip to get a mirror of the remaining boob. This shape would need to be an STL that I would subtract from a block shape in in a CAD program. I'd then print that mould in PLA with a 3d printer, seal it, and pour in silicon to make a prosthetic that matches the remaining side.

She said she also wants it to have space to store a bluetooth headset and a mobile phone or to ~be~ a mobile phone, but I think the form factor of this would not be good and, anyway, is too much for version 1.0.

Aside form the absurd last bit, has anyone heard of a project like this?

begpost :boost_ok: 

I have multiple bills to pay & a very short time frame in which to pay them. I'm on disability payments, which, although I do get more than if I was on another payment, doesn't cover it in the slightest...

My electricity bill is just under "AU"$450 (my electricity company fucked me over, basically), my phone bill of "AU"$80, & a weeks rent ("AU"$240). If y'all could donate to my PayPal (, or at least boost, that'd be great. :^]

would jeans for the fellas be called menim or denhim?

Incredibly cursed idea @beegrrl just gave me: a display manager that's a rougelike. You need to find the floor of the dungeon that's the session you want in order to log in.

i'm sharpening a cool ass sword at a grindstone but the sword is labelled "politics"

One man's memories are the only thing that truly stands between Miles Edgeworth and being found Guilty.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attourney continues next.


#TruckCommunity #stream

selfie, eye contact, :flirts_ok: 

worn out but idk
hi 💖

stream over ~w~

2 bosses
unlocked a new area
beat a miniboss (suspiciously quickly)
and got eated by a giant fish

thanks to anyone who came out
and thanks to @fidgetcetera and @melaninpony for hanging out ❤️ 💖 💞

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