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[scream at own ass voice] scream at red hat

hey #LinuxMusicians , how do you get #Ardour or #Audacity to recognize markers in WAV files from external hardware/software?

I know you can add it in after the fact but that negates the reason why I use them

cw for swears 

i'm tired and grumpy about stuff

plotting my icon history on an alignment chart with a "not uwu to uwu" axis and a "very approachable to scary" axis

Are worried about being able to pay rent? Do you live in King County, Washington?

Got to for help

What's a good hashtag for recommending trans and trans friendly gamers, lets play channels, and streamers?

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I really like the "Can you beat [Game] with(out) [item/action]?" style challenge runs of games, especially gamechamp3000's videos, so you could imagine my surprise when I found out after like a year of following them that they're non binary and use she/they pronouns, like that's really cool, trans folks really are just way funnier than cis people.

i made an extremely cursed thing and im so happy

cursed, beverage 

@compufox flaming hot gay mode is my gender

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