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Relatable sea shanty topics:
- the boss sucks and needs to pay me
- I could use a drink
- I miss my SO/family
- this work is hard
- remembering other times work was hard
- hunting whales is rough

Does anybody know nice psychedelic/stoner rock bands NOT consisting of white people? Sick of the white dudes even though the music is rad

please boost :blobcatrainbow:

Black Trans Fundraising, rape, abuse, transphobia, gaslighting, ableism, racism 

We are tired
Fundraising for a Black Trans Autistic friend who is experiencing abuse on many levels and simply needs survival needs covered while they recover from family/roommate/transphobic/racist/ableist abuse and triggers related to being raped by their uncle as a kid.

More here:

Please share @mutualaid please invest in Black Trans LIFE. Hurts to see them hurting.

think i may use owncast specifically for like.

things that ARENT games that would have like music and shit in the background.

stream promo 

gonna be streaming dark souls 3 in around 10min on twitch

how to help black people 

cash is nice

sorry to ffxiv post but they keep making the ishgardian communal dinner table salt rock more and more canon and i need to talk with someone about it

twitch going live 

Hopping into cozy Stardew Valley adventures with a friend: part two!

might try and stream later.

also thinking about pushing my stream time back later as-is.
its kinda of a rush for me to get off of work at 5 and then get food and stuff and then stream at 6:30

re: fedi meta, admin notice 

made a shell script version if you dont want to download and use the tool i made

the tool returns just the domains and eliminates the duplicates. only differences.

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Is anyone on the Fedi in need of a small art tablet? This is a Huion, I'm not sure of the model exactly. Its a couple years old but only used for a few months before it went into storage. The scratches are superficial and you can't feel them when you draw, the flash just makes it look terrible. Stylus requires one AAA battery. Pen pressure is okay, maybe medium sensitivity so I wouldn't recommend this if you want full tilt range if that sensitivity matters to you. This is a small tablet, not much bigger than my hand so about 7 or 8 inches at the longest point.

Not asking for any money. If you can chip in for shipping, great, if not, I can cover it. Continental USA only, sorry about that. :boost_ok:

Me too, slideshow of foxes pulled from the internet with captions translated from japanese

selfie, eye contact 

Hey fedi peeps! Did you know this girlish entity is gay?

I will fucking ban anyone who shames someone for requesting mutual aid

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