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also you KNOW that theyre going to start issuing dmca's to old episodes on youtube once their site goes up.

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i wonder how much this would be if they only asked for the cost of the episodes to make and didnt include trying to reinvent and maintain netflix.

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also the rewards are like

"oh, give us 150$ and you can download all episodes of the new season and 5 classic ones~"

bitch. i can download almost EVERY fucking episode you ever aired from youtube.

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"invite your friends to a watch party. it'll only cost them a dollar to watch"

fuck you

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i'm date-able, relatable, and if you're jelly good news I'm also hate-able

Work stuff, legal, Serious, boosts appreciated 

Let's say, hypothetically, that I was afraid of getting fired at my job for not submitting to harassment. What's the steps after that? Do the ACLU handle that?

nc, covid19 vaccine 

Johnson&Johnson vaccine clinic this saturday @ Winston-Salem Fairgrounds Education Building.

18+ only
Appointments here:

fediblock (whole instance) 

Either a cop or a copagandist. Check the follower list too. #fediblock


once again i am annoyed that element inexplicably renamed some emojis.

๐Ÿ˜ค is "annoyed"
๐Ÿค” is "curious"

like. just. just use the STANDARD onES

So... There wouldn't happen to be someone with experience doing databases, hopefully administering pretty big mysql databases, who is looking for work here?

asking for really specific music refs 

So three minutes of our VOD audio got muted because we didn't talk enough and the BACKGROUND TRACK of the GAME WE WERE PLAYING got copyright struck, so I want to replace it on the YT upload with a version of "Solidarity Forever". Anyone got a good mix of that they'd like to recommend?

heres a thing i made in 2016 divorced of its context

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