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I don't think relationships, even marriages, ending is a sign of failure.

@rusty purported individual solutions to systemic problems are always victim-blaming in some form.

hey y'all, does anyone have any recs for good todo list/notetaking apps? Android and windows cross platform stuff preferred (aka i can take notes on one and see them on the other)

re: beverage 

its been 20min plz hury, i am very thirst ;w;

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want tea

too slepy to make it

someone come make it for me thank u see u soon

fediblock: freespeech dot group. it's that same alt-right creep who runs freethinkers dot lgbt.

new gender and sexuality mapping axis thats grindr stress on one end and lex stress on another

android app request, medication tracking, boosts welcome! 

is there a good android app for like. reminders of meds based on when you last took other meds or when you announce going to bed, instead of on a rigorous schedule?

our sleep schedule is kinda fluid and like. we have a set of "morning" meds that sometimes we'll be taking at like 16:00 or 20:00

and then another that's spaced out from that, and another spaced out from that. is it possible to just say "I've taken my meds, now remind me in 2 hours to take a fiber supplement" or whatever?

what’s the point of superpowers if not to use them entirely for Gay

minecraft, amethyst geodes 

so geodes can spawn freestanding in the water like this. they make a very pretty musical tinkling sound when you hit or walk over the purple stone.

using a night vis potion, its actually very dark in here

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is she, you know...

*gestures vaguely* a union?

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