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re: binding of isaac 

ive had some very very good runs tonight.

too bad i cant get this kind of luck when i really need it 😩 (read: when i do tainted lost runs)

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re: binding of isaac 

had an absolutely GODLIKE isaac run.

found godhead in the FIRST angel room as well as getting an angel room on almost EVERY SINGLE FLOOR

shit was just fucking incredible
beat mother, satan, the lamb and delirium on hard mode.

trying to start going through and getting all the hard mode marks for each non tainted character so i can get the mega mush :3

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re: binding of isaac 

finished out tainted samson's note by beating the beast!

thinking about trying to do some more tainted judas runs

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iphone magnet psa 

lmao. strong magnets (like those used in magsafe accessories) can ruin your iphone photos


Fox continuosuly Fucks Around, forgets to Find Out. [X]-)

Total Mayhem (Overwatch) and Chill tonight 🎉

I'm 34 of 50 followers to the follow goal to throw me into a horror game!

When you have a plush amogus: 

Seams sus.

parenting, tech, boosts welcome 

so here's a fun question for y'all: is there like a third-party youtube app for Android that allows whitelisting channels? As in, hiding all videos/channels unless they're whitelisted

the kid is really into watching playthroughs of various Mario games at the moment but I'd like to limit the potential for her being shown or recommended horrible shite when we're not looking

re: binding of isaac 

"went back" as in, somehow my run where i got the satan/lamb/delirium marks was not on hard mode? and i dont know how that happened??

either way, i have them now :blobfox3c:

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re: binding of isaac 

did a mother run as tainted samson and went back for my hard mode mark on satan/lamb/delirium.

i wasnt playing around this time 😤 😤 😤

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*rolls a die* 🎲 :blobcatreach:
*it lands on a side that says “mew”*
wow! i got mew! i guess that means i need to mew
*looks closer* hey, wait, every side of this says mew… :blobcat3c:

re: binding of isaac 

i opened the steam overlay to see my current session play time and say these guides offered up and they made me laugh really hard

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