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physical health 

ive had a stress/dehydration(?) headache for two days now and its starting to be really fucking annoying

Trapped in an old library where the secret of the Olde Curse lies, the one who would end the cycle set off to kill the traitor who helped steal age of fire for the humans: Seath the Scaleless.

Come watch me play Dark Souls.


#TruckCommunity #stream

My Art, eye contact, skimpy clothing πŸ‘€ 

Finished, I made a version without the filters I put on it =u=

this took too dang long >:(

gonna resize it proper and apply it to my AD

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idk, bad post 

therapy??? no thank u that's expensive. catch me putting on "guyliner" and a committing occult murders in tight black pants and a button up so a nice goth will be like "i can fix him"


someone come make me tea and also do my dishes thanks

no YOU just spent an hour wandering around shithead/nft twitter

Windows, Security, PSA, Important, Please Boost 

I strongly suggest updating Windows if you use it, there is a new hack which is actively being used to gain control of such systems.

re: my art, wip, eye contact, skimpy clothing πŸ‘€ 

Shading is done, gonna work on the background/foreground stuff and finalizing tomorrow afternoon =n=

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if you made a webpage containing 100 gecs lyrics, would that be hypertext?

dragon ball posting, caps 

frieza: "oh there go my limbs acting on their own again"
broinlaw: lmao

re: binding of isaac 

got tired of my loss streak being so high so i did a maggie run just to get some of her hard mode marks

unfortuantely the game cheated me out of a delirium kill. as in. i beat him, the cut scenes played but then nothing.

like. the boss was still there, his health was at zero, and nothing just happened.

and exiting and continuing just restarted the fucking fight. that i lost.

thanks game.

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I got to playing Slay the Spire again and I'd forgotten how much I like The Defect, so I decided to try and draw them.

really fucking annoying how you cannot pin messages in matrix rooms tbh

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