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also there’s just something about the little Hashtag ShowTitle bit that’s just. There now.

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(happened this time by accident but also I think it’s funny )

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making sure all my torrents have channel watermarks and ads for other shows so I feel like I’m really getting the full TV experience

it's called the 'block' chain because you 'block' people who are big fans of it

human centredness 

being authentic and loving are not uniquely human traits and it's kind of weird that they get treated as such

Asking for money 

Well because of fuckery with payment ordering, I have a whopping $2.88 in my bank account right now. If folks could help me cover food for break today that'd be much appreciated 💜

i remember playing it over ssh using a shitty 3g phone tether connection

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holy shit ive been playing dwarf fortress off and on for like. a decade.

what the fuck

also whenever i play it it just makes me want to download dwarf fortress again

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i also have been trying to play some caves of qud and while i appreciate a lot about it. i just cant get into it.

On the internet, no one knows you're secretly eating pizza while flirting with girls.

"oh let me set autopilot and then read some log- whats that alar-" *wakes up again*

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