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i want it to accept. like. a post input.

how would be the best way to test this on a windows box?

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today i have learned that w3schools offers their own bootstrap-like css framework for webpages and thats kinda neat

folks who've beat #Tunic, does anyone know what this says? (pls tag if it's a spoiler)

@hourlyfoxbot chilled, moisturized, relaxed, in my snow bank, thriving

okay all of my bots should be back up and running. no fucking clue why they all stopped all of a sudden. i blame weird linux things 🤷

🎵 Country Roads
Take me home
To the place
I belong 🎵

🎵 West Virginia

a kobold but when you pick them up they go "boing! boing!" (because they are bouncy)

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slack easter egg? 

another day another slack thing.

i just noticed how they must have updated something because now, on the "All unreads" section, when it shows an octopus and says "the world is your oyster" you can click to toggle the emoji from an octopus and an oyster.

programmer humor is like 

"cant exit vim lol"
"time zones are hard am i right"
[surface level terminology debate]
"not a bug its a feature xD"
"i hate my boss. (but i love capitalism)"
"non programmers will never UNDERSTAND (some common thing)"

this is ur brain on no humanities

"Wait a second, this isn't piracy! This is lesbian cuddling!" :heart_lesbian:

Select a friend to take with you on adventures! :blobhero:

i think it would be pretty neat to be stretchy

physical health, nonsense 

that feel when you *hic*
that feeling when *hic*
that *hic*
that feel when you have *hic*cups

this is nothing 

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Pleasures.

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