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in a sun/moon symbolism pairing, which are you? (not necessarily romance can be pals, rivals, enemies, whatever)

Casting call for Podfeels, an audio adaptation of Homestuck fanfic godfeels 

Terezi auditions are OPEN. Are you a fan of godfeels? Are you a fan of homestuck? Want to get involved with an ambitious fanwork^2 full cast audio drama, in a co-starring role? Reach out! Either contact the project account @/ directly, or DM the director at @/ for more details! (Or if you don't have a birdsite account I can get you in contact with Dare)

Any recommendations for screen readers for Android? I want to make sure that I'm making things like my poetry and plant info accessible, and it would help to know what other people are using

Financial aid request 

Just woke up to a $60 overdraft, please help?

um how can you talk about yourself in the third person if you're singlet though, sweaty? 😇

i hear it and my whole body tenses up as i wait for the match to load in

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[you hand it some silverware while you get the plates out]
aha! finally, suitable tribute for a mighty dragon such as myself! >:3c these will make a fine addition to– hey give those back! ;o;

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i cant prove anything but i swear to god they sample a sound effect from smash bros Melee in Death Grip's "Lock Your Doors" on No Love Deep Web

imagine a kobold calling everything you give it to hold for a moment, 'tribute'

If your version of pride doesn't include disabled people and our realities it is shit (and it usually is).

That's all I have to say about this. Have a nice month.

Who's ready to step out into the corrosive atmosphere of Venus? I'm not, but I'm gonna anyway, as we comtinue with our community Minecraft!


new dragn emoji just dropped: :dragnloaf:

this is my take on "a dragon loafing", so i have given it the shortcode :​dragnloaf: . i'm aware there's an existing emoji made by someone else with this shortcode, so if your instance already has that, i've also uploaded it to here and cybre with the alias shortcode :​dragntailcurl:

can we stop using minimum wage jobs as insults actually

in the eyes of the man who makes billions, you and the janitor are both equally broke.
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