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fediblock, usual anti-Black racist shit 

#fediblock domains срёт.онлайн and for hosting users who think it's chill to drop into Black people's menchies and say n**

Do someone know of a good __very basic__ git tutorial for absolute beginners ?

I am looking for something that is ideally designed to just give a new apprentice some clue how to use it very basically while also giving a very broad idea of the concept.

Ideally something that takes around 30min to 1 hour for a beginner to go through.

Ideally with lots of pictures rather than text.

:boost_requested: :boost_ok:

Git ignores .gitignore with .gitignore in .gitignore

Time for more INTERmission, as Yuffie plays the most dangerous game: A children's board game!

Come on over.


#TruckCommunity #stream

I just got sacked with an unexpected bill

Please boost, share and or donate my GFM, pls.

If I could hit 500 in the next couple days I would be really grateful

that doesnt cover it but any bit helps


instead of smiling at someone we send an Emoji

brain noise 

combine soldier: *taps mic* would the real gordon freeman please pick up the can

type of guy who can only whistle if they are pushing down on their nose

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