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gonna draw my fursona in a shirt with a really really complicated design

Time for more Kingdom Hearts 3, should be done this fun-to-play but awful-to-experience Pirates section.
Come watch, blind playthrough on Critical has been super fun.


#TruckCommunity #stream

hmm... don't suppose anyone has a spare cohost invite they'd be willing to share? ^^'

ive gone from "ugh how do i make a gif?" to "right click a folder and Daring to make a gif" in like a minute

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really fucked up how nice and good shortcuts is as a desktop tool

computer, show me images of silly lil animals. show me the goofiest guys you've got. just fellas full of whimsy

opening a new browser tab and forgetting what you were going to look up is the millennial version of walking into a room and forgetting why you went in there

last day of summer, time for terror season. make oppressors feel terror

i really enjoy organizing things
but i get annoyed when i cant organize the organized files further

what im trying to say is that every program that lets you make groups of things should let you make groups of groups

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