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oops forgot to take a backup before doing the upgrade.

nice, ava

I have .... .75 cents in my bank account right now.

I just had my first day of work today.

Anyone want to throw a few bucks my way?

on a journey thru anomaly youtube (cw: horror themes) 

A pokemon game where you can get in a gnarly bike crash and go to the hospital

A pokemon game which is definitely 100% set in the world of pokemon but the game is entirely about BMX and doesn't acknowledge that there are pokemon battles going on everywhere at all


this account:

- shitposting about being a fox/gay
- repeating "fuck slack" as a mantra any time I have to think about it
- selfies.......(when am feeling cute uwu💮)

ebooks post 

Moving Fund 

Werewolves assemble at the local Dennys

In none Queen rumour related news, have a look at these Doom memes abouts Doomguy's rabbit.

i love the sonic the hedgehog naming convention:

Sonic: named in honor of his speed
Eggman: named after his round, egg-like body
Knuckles: named after his large notable knuckles
Amy: Amy is a girl's name (Amy is a Girl)

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