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anyway, im probably gonna get through the first little bit of process and then get home and finish it up.

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oops forgot to take a backup before doing the upgrade.

nice, ava

I have .... .75 cents in my bank account right now.

I just had my first day of work today.

Anyone want to throw a few bucks my way?

A pokemon game where you can get in a gnarly bike crash and go to the hospital

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A pokemon game which is definitely 100% set in the world of pokemon but the game is entirely about BMX and doesn't acknowledge that there are pokemon battles going on everywhere at all


Since my notifications have been totally destroyed, I figure now's a good time as any to remind people I'm selling some old sonas/OCs

Honestly I'll take nearly any price at this point

this account:

- shitposting about being a fox/gay
- repeating "fuck slack" as a mantra any time I have to think about it
- selfies.......(when am feeling cute uwu๐Ÿ’ฎ)

ebooks post 

Be there or......not I guess you can say I've achieved all my goals

Moving Fund 

My wife London and I are trying to move cross country with our daughter to live in my sisterโ€™s spare room (no rent and utilities paid), but we canโ€™t do it without serious help.

We have no income, no savings, and nowhere else to go.

Neither of us can find work due to discrimination and disability.

Itโ€™s a 750 mile (1207 km) drive.

Weโ€™re trying to raise $1,500 USD over the next month before our lease runs out on Jan 5th.

Werewolves assemble at the local Dennys

i love the sonic the hedgehog naming convention:

Sonic: named in honor of his speed
Eggman: named after his round, egg-like body
Knuckles: named after his large notable knuckles
Amy: Amy is a girl's name (Amy is a Girl)

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