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re: binding of isaac 

did another t cain run tonight and finished out hush, isaac, ???, and mega satan

all i need is the beast on him and hes basically done

think im gonna take a break with him tho bc its just a lot lmao

may do some t judas runs tomorrow

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tfw you take a nap in an uncomfortable way

but you wake up feeling fine

re: binding of isaac 

that run took me two and a half hours to finish lmao

think i may do another one tomorrow. i may try to cheese some of the tainted lost's marks by crafting a bunch of good items and then using the clicker to change characters over to the lost :blobfox3c:

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re: binding of isaac 

holy fuck. got back from a little break and finished up this run with t. cain.

did boss rush, mother, satan, the lamb, and delirium

such an incredible fucking character lmao

*please* look at my stats,,. delirium literally couldnt finish his first attack before he died lmaoooooo

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whats better than this: just two frogs being bros

OK, so this is gonna be our last MOTHERGUNSHIP stream, because the only thing left for us is this bastard of a DLC boss, and we're not going to spend more than one stream doing nothing but crashing against that cliff. Join us, won't you?


and not to mention the tokens you purchase expire.

and look at these fucking PRICES
and because each of their products uses them at a different rate its just

its just fucking incredible they did this

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holy shit. autodesk has unveiled a new pricing scheme where you dont even pay for your license, instead you buy goddamn tokens that you use to pay for time.

what a fucking joke

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