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"oh yeah i know how to flirt"
*over-interacts with your posts*

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also,, real quick.

if I have :ms_dont_at_me: in a post that also includes @ing me on other platforms about it.

unless *i* bring it up,,

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silly, cursed 

:melanie: my bazongos are all out there
:ava: youre bazingas
*uncomfortable silence as we both grapple with the reality of what we've created*

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idle thought, lewd 

growling and biting your collar to keep you from squirming away as I play with you~

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using top energy for evil is my queer villain power :thinknyan:

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open to be bullied 

smh what are you doing?
close this post

kink, blood mention 

scratched myself and drew blood

just putting that out there...

subtoot, nonsense, brain noise 

boy I sure hope someone gets tobi some water or something.


let's play a game

I'll post my exact GPS coordinates and you all have to track me down and smooch me.
there's no time limit, but the sooner you do it the sooner you get the prize (smooches)

"oh yeah i know how to flirt"
*over-interacts with your posts*


getting ready for a date by sprinkling dorito dust on my junk

lewd adjacent text, silly 

tfw u log onto masto dot don


anyway after that we snuggled during a thunderstorm and it was very very nice :blobfoxmeltreach:

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lewd, very silly 

*eats @jinxies out*
*10m min later*
mel: we should get something for dinner soon
me: idk I'm not hungry, ive already eaten

*xey give me a quizzical look*

me: yeah ive had two primio cuts of bitch hehhehhehe

lewd, silly, don't read 

eating someone out and making the tf2 heavy sandwich eating noise

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