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Interaction / Boundary post, VERY Long (updated 01/20/2021) 


❣️ I'm not taking follow requests unless: You're a mutual moving to a different account OR I've interacted with you enough here or elsewhere where i might have a good feeling for you OR happen to know you well enough

or.. I might just accept if i'm in a good enough mood and you don't set off any red flags.

❣️ PLEASE DO NOT INTERACT with :ms_dont_at_me:​ :no_fave:​ posts. Usually posts tagged w/ this are vents and i just want to get shit off my chest. PLEASE respect this, it gets annoying seeing a reply on vent posts, especially if i'm having a bad mental health time.

What's ok:

βœ…Flirting/Affection: I'm not really good at this and I really don't know how to respond almost 90% of the time, so PLEASE BE GENTLE, but don't let that deter you. I honestly love the attention. Just make it REALLY obvious because low key stuff is going to fly over my head.
βœ…Lewdness/Affection on lewd posts: I don't mind this as well as well, just don't get too vulgar unless you're willing to take it to DMs :3 This includes lewd encouragement or reinforcement!
βœ…Boosting lewds/selfies: If it's boostable, then boost it please! I love the attention πŸ’–
βœ…Contacting me outside of here: I have my matrix and discord listed in the bio, I don't mind you messaging me, I really encourage that you do, it does get lonely at times. i might take a bit to respond if i'm low on spoons or if i'm busy~
βœ…Telling me I'm a good girl/enby: This does not me call me a girl or use she/her, I am NOT a girl. When referring to me IN GENERAL, use my name or pronouns.

Ask me before:

❓ Calling me lewd petnames unprompted: I like to be called lewd (and sometimes problematic) things some times, especially if things get heated. Before doing so, PLEASE ask me. Usually I'll probably say yes, but PLEASE make sure. The only people exempt from this are my partners and people i trust. EXCEPTION: if i request it in a post
❓ Sending Unsolicited nudes: I love surprise nudes.... from people i know. If we're mutuals and we interact often enough, I don't mind. But if we haven't interacted as much, it doesn't hurt to ask! I'll probably say yes!
❓ Saving my lewds: While its hot knowing that people get off to me, I would love for you to ask me first before you decide to save my lewds!
❓ Doing any Lewd/Non Lewd RP: I do RP, rarely due to spoons, but feel free to ask me privately before doing so. But please do ask, honestly miss it and would love to do it again...

What's not ok (especially if I don't know you):

πŸ”΄ creative/ explicit / bland replies to lewds : I've had many people (mostly cishet men) reply to my lewds with saying what they would do to me and at this point I've heard it all. If you're going to do as such, make sure it's creative and properly tagged.
πŸ”΄ Only messaging me for lewds / RP's only: I've had many times where people would JUST contact me for lewd stuff and not anything else. PLEASE take the time to get to know me OUTSIDE of here rather than relying on all my posts. I'm a really nice enby and I love having friends!
πŸ”΄ Being rude as h*ck: This one is self explanatory.

Honestly just use common sense, be nice, and don't be afraid to admit that you've fucked up if you happen to cross a boundary. It happens sometimes!

Just be super gentle and patient with me and you'll be fine

Thank you for reading through this if you did~ ❀️

I'll be looking forward to talking to you

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a reminder if i tag a post with :ms_dont_at_me:​ :no_fave:​

I don't want any @ or interaction on them, including favs.


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reminder to not only boost my lewds, but boost my partners lewds

they are super hot and deserve the attention too

which is super hot 😍

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anyways, boost my lewds and thirst over me, thanks πŸ’–

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Please go follow Ava, they're adorable and goofy af and deserve all the attention uwu πŸ’– 😘

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oh yeah and get some ice cream, i forgot i got some yesterday

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also now that i don't feel like shit mentally my libido is back and it's fucking buck wild

i'm gonna go play video games to cool down, whew

collar shit, no image descripts 

This is what I'm getting for those that are curious

here we go gamers, about to press buy now and do my paypal shit, lmao

collar stuff 

currently about to place my order for my collar
decided to keep it simple

was gonna order a double strap and have the inside be a cow faux fur but i decided not to for right now

rn i'm gonna get something cute that i can get tugged on a little bit

Cool! So I got permission to share the link to the issue 13 pdf!

You can view it here

(cw some of the entries will contain mentions of fat phobia & nudity)

But please please please consider buying an issue and/or donating to October so ze can continue making zines like this:

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$$ mumbling, pers 

Been thinking about getting a collar a lot lately and now I'm upset bc I really don't have the funds to just get one rn 😞

Me not getting this stimulus as soon as i thought I would just fucked with everything

Lewd, silly 

bilf also stands for

friend (and fuck)


gosh hecking LEWD πŸ‘— πŸ† 

me: I don't like horse dick

commissioner: [this]

me: oh no it's hot.

Sex toys 

Used my bullet for the first time in a week or so and all it did but made me sleepy =u=

Lewd, silly 

bilf also stands for

friend (and fuck)


Kaiju sideboob and That One Ship meme. 

Look, I wanted to get on the fun of macros in bootyshorts, but also I'm very tired today and have commissions to work on.

So here, have Sunhan and a very unamused Wrex.

But also I wanted to wait to make sure there wasn't like, some catastrophic loss of life or something in all this before making this art. <_<

Great work, Agent 47. Now proceed to the extraction point

Ever wanted to make your own silicone sex toys?

Good news: I've finished writing up a huge guide on how to do that!

nsfw furry porn!! dragon lady in a shiny transparent one-piece swimsuit 

Patreon reward for Aquilak ( )!

clothes being transparent kind of defeats the original purpose but sure does add a new one

Shame that it's gonna rain here soon and I have nobody here to cuddle with me

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