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Interaction / Boundary post, VERY Long (updated 12/16/2021) 


❣️ Do not interact or follow me if you're the type of person who have "racial preferences" in terms of dating or who you're attracted to, I shouldn't have to explain why, and don't get into my mentions to debate me or explain why, just block and move on

❣️ While it's not required, if we talk regularly and you have to leave for an extended amount of time, I appreciate some sort of heads up just in case.

I have a lot of trauma with people abandoning me out of the blue and a lot of other things. It will be very helpful for my brain

❣️ I Try to vet ALL follow requests from people, I'll probably not accept if you:

are a minor, associate yourself with a server that I've blocked, show any redflags or just make me super uncomfortable

❣️ PLEASE DO NOT INTERACT with :ms_dont_at_me::no_fave:​ posts. Usually posts tagged w/ this are vents and i just want to get shit off my chest. PLEASE respect this, it gets annoying seeing a reply on vent posts, especially if i'm having a bad mental health time.

I do not mind folks reaching out to be during bad brain times, if anything, any sort distraction will be a great help. 💖

Feel free to msg me in private if you have any concerns or questions

What's ok:

Flirting/Affection: You will need to be 10000% make it obvious that you're flirting with me, because half of the time I probably won't catch on until it's too late.
Lewdness/Affection on lewd posts: I don't mind, but more vulgar interactions will be better for DM's if possible~
Boosting lewds/selfies: If a post isn't locked, then boost it. I'm a massive attention whore💖
Telling me I'm a good girl/enby: This does not me call me a girl or use she/her, I am NOT a girl. When referring to me IN GENERAL, use my name or pronouns.

Ask me before:

❓** Calling me lewd petnames unprompted*: **EXCEPTION: if i request it in a post*
Sending Unsolicited nudes: If we're mutuals and we know each other well and if you're comfortable enough, I don't mind.BUT if I don't know you, you better ask or you'll be blocked.
Saving my lewds: Ask me first before saving, I'll most likely say yes but PLEASE ask first.
Doing any Lewd/Non Lewd RP: i rarely do RP's nowadays because I don't have the energy to do so, but very light RP's are fine in private, but do ask =u=

What's not ok (especially if I don't know you):

🔴 creative/ explicit / bland replies to lewds: I've had many people (mostly cishet men) reply to my lewds with saying what they would do to me and at this point I've heard it all. If you're going to do as such, make sure it's creative and properly tagged.
🔴 Only messaging me for lewds / RP's only: Due to a lot of mental health reasons and past experiences I've had this happen a lot. Just question yourself, if you're just talking to me to get pics from me and that's it, then you don't need to be talking to me and should move on. Take a change to get to know me as a person.
🔴 Being rude as h*ck: This one is self explanatory.

Honestly just use common sense, be nice, and don't be afraid to admit that you've fucked up if you happen to cross a boundary. It happens sometimes!

Just be super gentle and patient with me and you'll be fine

Thank you for reading through this if you did~ ❤️

While it's not necessary, favoriting this means you've probably read through all this and it'll be extremely appreciated

lewd, moo boobs, :flirts_ok:

come and squish me~💞

then cum on my tits and tummy 💋

belly photos of demon goat, kink (fat, weight gain) 

this 271 pound fat guy's waistline is at nearly 50 inches now 🖤

gotta get this gut fat enough to cover my fatpad and then down past my knees 🖤

-- demon goat 🖤

NSFW furry art: cum on a butt 

Commission for Riloh, seen here after getting some help in the kitchen.

highposting, lewd 

oops it looks like it's one of those nights where I'm high as fuck and wanting to have my cunt stuffed again~

video of me (demon dog) masturbating, kink (fat, weight gain, d/s dominant, exhaustion) 

recording a video of me masturbating because there's only so many times i can before my cock is too buried in fatpad for me to even try doing it on my own

-- demon dog 🤍


shame i have to shower in a moment because I do smell really nice tonight :blobmelt:

lewd, silly 

looking back i had a lot of opportunities to just idly play with my partner while we were watching stuff but my brain just went "oh wait this is actually good, dick can wait later" and I never did

Plenty of fucking times, lmaoooo

belly video (raccoon cat), kink (fat, weight gain) 

the belly fat of a 271 pound lady as she's playing with it 💜

gosh, i jiggle so much with just a little grabbing and squishing 💜

every pound i gain makes me so much softer 💜

-- raccoon cat 💜

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Whatever body part you get the womb tattoo on that’s the part that gets pregnant.

belly photos (raccoon cat) and weigh-in, kink (fat, weight gain) 

stretchmarks are forming higher and higher up my belly fat, and they're so pretty 💜

i now weigh 271 pounds 💜

i hope to someday weigh quintuple that and more 💜

-- raccoon cat 💜

re: Highposting, longing 

missing all the quiet moments, the times I gently ran my fingers in their hair while they slept, feeling their warmth against me as we cuddled and relaxed...


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Highposting, longing 

high af rn and really missing my partner's hand on my hip as we lay in bed, just lazily rubbing up and down my hip, along my legs and my ass

miss feeling their breath on my shoulder and neck and the little kisses that they gave me

ugh, I'd do anything to just be back into their arms again, just for a little while longer.

Lol, what kind of loser wants to get collared by a fox?

…raise your hands

bruise mention 

kinda sad that my bruises are slowly fading away and don't hurt as much =n=

🔞[NSFW Furry Art]🔞 Bondage, Suspension 

Well now, what do we have here?

Pretty gal for @fillertrack , looking pretty in red ❤️

there is something that makes me so happy to wake up, smooch up on a cutie and give their cute warm butt a couple of rubs and squeezes~

I know I said I wasn't going to us this account much anymore but I'll probably try and limit how I use it.

ill probably keep more personal mental health stuff on another account I have elsewhere and actually use this to be silly and lewd when I'm in the mood.

I'm still in this weird headspace rn and I'm not too clouded by being in a "good mood" so... hopefully I won't regret it.

my booty hurts, why ain't anyone here to rub it 😭

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