moo boobs and tum, :flirts_ok: 

been laying in bed for most of the day listening to this storm, wishing I had some company 💋

moo boobs and tum, lewd @ "you", :flirts_ok: :boost_ok: 

feeling extra soft and cuddly today, if only you were here so I can properly share my body with you~ 💞

I'll let you do anything you want to me, I'm just here to please and be a good bimbo~💋

very lewd @ viewer, moo tits and tum, :flirts_ok: :boost_ok: 

I feel very soft today, tits feel like pillows and my tum is so squishy

imagine you doing whatever you like to them~

use me then cum all over me~ 💋💋

moo butt, :flirts_ok: 

it's now later~

my butt doesn't look so bad, I just wish you were here to squeeze and touch it~ 💋💋💋

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moo boobs and tum, :flirts_ok: 

about to jump into the shower, anyone want to join Moo and help get some hard to reach spots~ 😌

moo boobs and tum, :flirts_ok:​ 

wishing you were here to touch me and appreciate my body~ 💋

Sims 4, lewd, breathplay, yes i use wicked whims, shush 

Uh ok this is how I'm trying to be rn?

moo boobs, bruises, :flirts_ok: 

I forgot to share the great job focks did to my tits the last time I saw fae.

should really make them give me more bruises next time ~

lewd, moo boobs, :flirts_ok:

come and squish me~💞

then cum on my tits and tummy 💋

moo tits and tum :boosts_ok_gay::flirts_ok: 

while I've been kinda unhappy with the weight I gained, I do like how big and round my tum is.

Gonna enjoy it for now before I work on shrinking it a bit.

nude, flirty @ reader :boosts_ok_gay::flirts_ok: 

I'm a little bit cold come and lay your head in my lap~💞

nude, affectionate @ viewer :boosts_ok_gay::flirts_ok: 

Wishing you were here to cuddle me~💞💋

Nude and lewd (@ reader), :boosts_ok_gay::flirts_ok: 

I could really use you on top of me rn, though preferably between my legs, eating me out~ 💜💋

Just my (clothed) boobs, :boosts_ok_gay::flirts_ok: 

Like look at them and tell me you wouldn't stuff your head here :3

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Its just my tum uwu :boosts_ok_gay::flirts_ok: 

While I'm still grumbling and being annoyed about the weight gain, my tum does look really nice

Nude but not lewd, affectionate @reader, :boosts_ok_gay::flirts_ok: 

Good morning~ 💋💋

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Nude but not lewd, affectionate @reader, :boosts_ok_gay::flirts_ok: 

Feeling sad and lonely tonight, if only you were here to comfort and hold me, and feel how soft and warm I am~💋💜

Just my boobs and tum :) :boosts_ok_gay:​ :flirts_ok: 

I may feel like shit but I'm still soft as hecc

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selfie (no eye contact), :boosts_ok_gay::flirts_ok: 

Wishing you were here to cuddle and touch me

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