I’ve taken a break from chastity for now but I’m already excited to get back into it even though it’s only been an hour. I just really love how my cage looks and can’t get enough of someone having complete control of my little clit~ Like sure I can jerk off whenever but it’s even better when that’s a gift~

I hope you cuties are doing well, I've been thinking about a lot of y'all 💋💋

I forgot what i was gonna say but have a selfie from main

Just a reminder that I'm hot and cute :melanie_blush:

selfie, eye contact, :flirts_ok: 

need to remind everyone that I'm actually kinda hot :melanie_blush:

i don't have any super urgent things due anytime soon, but I always am in need of help. I only have bills I have to deal with towards the end of the month and I need to get some more personal care stuff very soon before I leave again.

Anything and everything is appreciated, especially boosts, to help me continue to survive in this fucking hellscape while being Black, fat, mentally ill and disabled.$melaniemoo


honestly had to remind myself because I had a rough day today =n=

came back to pin my earlier post and to say that I'm a good moo~

ok thanks 💋

kink, drugs, misinformation 

"The oxford english dictionary defines drugplay as chemsex with consensual power imbalance"


i'm high af and all i wanna do is snuggle up with a cutie in the dark and make out all sloppy and shit~


You’re just gunna leave this poor cow all locked up? 😭

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Miss says I can have a break from being locked and cum, but only if I make a poll and let you all decide. Ive been a real good cow! Please let me cum~ I’ll go right back in the cage too!

just ace things 

actually praying i don't get horny when I take my gummy in like a few mins bc i've been so heavily sex adverse most of the day @.@

and its my favorite flavor of it, to the point of feeling actually sick

re: silly, genitals 

@jinxies *gently slaps "wide load" sticker on your dick*

silly, genitals 

(gently) slaps a heavy duty sticker on your nuts

re: moo boobs and tum, :flirts_ok: 

@fillertrack there's a lot of places that need to be smooched badly~ 😩

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