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art of me (shark), kink (fat) 

haradoshin on twitter drew me looking really pretty...gosh...🧡

she said she'd get me some basic coloring a little later on too..🧡

a big blushy blubbery whale...🧡

-- shark 🧡

photos of me (demon goat), kink (fat, weight gain, food, weed), delta 8 

being a fatass goat full of delta 8 and soda is good

looks like my chest is getting a lot fatter 🖤

-- demon goat 🖤

highposting, lewd 

lmao mindlessly spending 2 minutes just laying back in my chair and pinching my nipples

lewd wanting, kink 

thinking about how nice it would be taken care of and be used whenever a cutie wants to dump loads in me :blobmelt:

lewd-ish silly 

lmao i realized that I've been really restrained and all i can really do is just favorite and go wipe the sweat off my cooch

lewd~ breath play, bites and brusing 

Oops, was thinking about my partner grinding against me, biting me on my shoulder and neck hard, leaving marks on them and growling in my ear while they wrapped their hand around my throat and I came



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kink thoughts (pregnancy/ breeding) 

thinking about getting bred and being a really good breeding slut for someone :blobmelt:

wanna just smush tummies with a cutie with a nice round belly and then snuggle into said tum :blobmelt:

lewd whining 

i really want to suck someone off rn 😩

lewd @ reader 

I have a tingling wet cunt that needs to be filled and it's a shame you aren't here~

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I love when I get that tingling in my cunt to the point where it's kinda painful, but it feels so good uwu

very lewd want 

ugh I really just want my cunt to be stuffed rn

I honestly would jerk off before I go to sleep but I'm so tired


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very lewd want 

I really want to grind my cunt against a cuties throbbing, hard cock rn

I think about space a lot bc it's big, empty and very pretty

I can relate, I'm also big, empty and very pretty.

it's very comforting

re: sex toys, lewd 

didn't cum, which will probably bite me in the ass in a few days.

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