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My cuddles have the power to make cuties sleepy and make them feel good, bow to my unlimited power ⚡

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Canceling Ava for attempted crimes against moo

That scoundrel 😤

huh, my fav podcast is having a live show in september, interesting

sure I'll watch one more video essay about 'all tomorrows' why not?

I was working on a swimsuit pic before i had left for my trip and i think i disliked it enough to delete it bc i can't find it :(

thinking about releasing an app everyone hates so much that they start noticing that i'm taking a lot of money from online casinos

My take is that Steam trading cards is essentially a form of crypto currency. No I'm not taking further questions.

religion adj 

me: watches 1 video about the bible

youtube: you want more bible related content?

me: ...... maybe :blob_thinking_smirk:​

A lot of people have been doing iceburg videos and ice been watching every single one because I have no control of my life anymore.

this is gargron's response to my criticism for intentionally removing local and federated timelines from the mobile app

he used the mastodon account to hide behind and delete @avie 's comment and close all further discussion on it


I'm so fucking tired of my family thinking that I'm supposed to remember people that I don't fucking recall ever seeing in my life.

Like fucking I don't know who that is, leave me alone.

Ok i keep passing out so I should just sleep =u=

re: binding of isaac, caps 


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step 1: stop being nice
step 2: go ape shitt

re: binding of isaac 

i had a REALLY GOOD run with the lost

i was very VERY nervous going through the chest lmao

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re: mh 

like I'm not sad or anything I'm just

super tired and uninterested and I wanna just go back to sleep again

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wow i thought i had it in me to just play some games tonight but I'm just losing interest fast and I'm just tempted to get back into bed =n=

re: food 

couldn't even eat the other sandwich i had, just gross

should've just had cereal, so i got some, lmao

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food, disgusting, meat 

decided to make a turkey sandwich and the turkey is just..... all wrong

it literally just turns into mush in my mouth and the texture makes me want to vomit

Now i regret making a sandwich and getting that awful turkey

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