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I'm going to try to get some stuff at least for the week, but I'm aiming to actually go grocery shopping next week

Anything and everything to help so i can actually get some fresh food would be appreciated 😭$melaniemoo


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Read before following + Boundary Stuff. (Last Updated 03/08/2022, very long) 

{ Overall, just use fucking common sense when talking to me. I'm a fairly nice person on a good day.

I put all of these boundaries in place due to events of the past couple of years. Being a former member of Playvicious, you already know. When you don't trust most of the userbase on here, especially with them being white first and whatever they are last, i have to take precautions.

That's the short of it. }

Very Important

❣️Donation Posts: Do NOT come into my mentions asking me to tag my donation/help posts.

I won't tag them UNLESS they start to get long enough to possibly clog up a feed or they could possibly contain anything that could be possibly triggering.. any requests to do so will be ignored and you will be blocked.

As an extension, DO NOT repost said post w/ a CW. I'm not going to tag me asking for help/assistance to make you feel comfortable.

DO NOT @ ME ABOUT THIS either help, boost, or block me. Save my nerves and blood pressure the trouble.

DO NOT call these posts 'beg posts' I am NOT BEGGING for help. I am asking for assistance. I've become super annoyed at how widespread 'begpost' is being used and it still always leaves a bad taste in my mouth. So don't even think about it.

❣️Account Vetting: I try to vet every account that send follow requests.


I find that you associate yourself or continue to interact with any of the instances we have nuked here, especially any outed racist and anti-black ones, you will be denied instantly and blocked. If you manage to slip through and I find out in a later date, you will be blocked for good.

i find out that you have harassed or gave shit to anyone for requesting content warnings for triggering posts or current events, I'm just going to block without hesitation.

I'm doing this for my own safety and sanity. I have a zero tolerance policy for anti-black and racist bullshit, so don't fucking test me. If anyone has any issues with this, keep it and just block me, thanks. :)

The last thing i need is to find out that my locked posts are being shared with bad actors that continue to be here. Don't be a fucking creep.

❣️Use fucking common sense THINK before replying, I really do not have the energy or time to deal with headass randos or people trying to be funny in my mentions or be rude. go be unfunny elsewhere or pay the $500 fine for wasting my time. ways for you to do that are probably in one of my pinned posts.

❣️Don't be a fucking creep: Don't flirt with me unless I know you well enough or if it's specified in the post or with :flirts_ok: use common sense and ask for consent. simple.

Mutuals that i know well enough are fine, just use common sense.

❣️ If a post is boostable then boost it. :)

❣️ my contact info is in the pinned followers only post. you're free to message me elsewhere. my boundaries still apply, just be nice.

Talking really isn't a requirement, i have a lot of days where i don't have the energy to talk, if you want to just check in on me or just send me a funny/interesting video/meme/ pictures of cows, you're always welcomed to.

Other Things to Mention

‼️ PLEASE DO NOT INTERACT with :ms_dont_at_me::no_fave:​ posts. Usually posts tagged w/ this are vents and i just want to get shit off my chest. PLEASE respect this, it gets annoying seeing a reply on vent posts, especially if i'm having a bad mental health time.

I do not mind folks reaching out to me during bad brain times, if anything, any sort distraction will be a great help. 💖

Thanks for understanding and Stay Blessb

:melanie:​ 💜

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Marley *learns to do something annoying but not necessarily unsafe*

All of my partners. Literally every single one of them: Let the boy have fun, DEME!!!

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drugs, 4th of july grumbling 

I already have a feeling one of the two white neighbors we have on our trail are going to do the fireworks nonsense again this year

so i already have a plan either Sunday or Monday to just take my last HHC gummy, take out all the yarn I got from my aunt, and make balls from them and start watching Frasier

It's only right

because fuck fireworks.

cannabis, mnpol 

Minnesota legalized edibles in the most Minnesota way: weaponized unwillingness to communicate!

I love Lyz Lenz's (friend's) description of this:

How it happened was hilarious. Here let me just quote from a text my friend sent about this: “The senate HHS chair (GOP) literally had no idea he was legalizing them. This other senator (whom he hates) negotiated the bill and did know. She just like...didn't mention it to him. Now he wants to roll back the law.”

god if i had the money to pay someone really well i'd get a bunch of Moo emojis in a heartbeat 😭

brain noise 

pearls to the players (tm) (c) (r) etc etc

food, silly 

sun go down so i can make some


man getting food is expensive

I only got just enough for the week and then some and it was $95


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Also, the United States of America is founded on genocide, colonialism, and the benefit of landed white slavers so.

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Everyone is like what are you doing this upcoming holiday and I’m like enjoying AC because it’s gonna be 90s and humid.

I'm going to try to get some stuff at least for the week, but I'm aiming to actually go grocery shopping next week

Anything and everything to help so i can actually get some fresh food would be appreciated 😭$melaniemoo


Can’t believe someone un-ironically got me with “you wanna kiss me so bad it makes you look stupid.”

lmao my mom was looking into a wifi thing, i'm guessing for herself

and one of them had 200gb for 80/mo


crude language, brain noise 

grundle? I barely KNOW HER

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