Urgent $$$ help, boosts greatly appreciated 

I'm always in need of help as things continue to get a little bit dicey here, I've indefinitely halted my job searches due to mental health and other personal issues

Funds are dangerously low atm and I need to get groceries very soon, and I really do not want to touch my savings for my teeth stuff anymore

Anything and everything, especially boosts are greatly appreciated~ 💖




re: Urgent $$$ help, boosts greatly appreciated, appended 

Big bills are finally out of the way and I just need to get some more food very soon as I REALLY running low

Plus I need to get some more toiletries and I'm probably going to plan on replacing some menstrual products I use since it's getting close to replacing them


I also have other links to wishlists as well if you want to get me anything from those


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