$$$ help, boosts appreciated 

The later part of the year always seem to really hit me hard mentally, physically and financially.

I'm gonna be away again bc my mental health has gotten to the point where the physical pain I've been experiencing along with it has gotten unbearable. I can't go get it checked out so I'm just doing my best to manage it.

But I still need some help while I'm gone.

I have to pay my annual subscription fee for the service I use to get my birth control on the 6th (which is like $20) and I really need to get more toiletries and some aids to help me with the pain I've been dealing with lately.

I'm hoping to get ~$600 since it should be enough to cover for half of the month with some stuff left over for minor emergencies

Any help would be appreciated~$melaninpony

I also have other links to wishlists as well if you want to get me anything from those or if you want to get me anything nice

(I'll be updating some of those soon when I have the spoons)

Y'all need to tell your rich white uncle or someone to come dump all their money on me because I'm tired of having to boost this every day

And my mentally ill ass is tired

I'm going to be getting groceries soon and a lot of personal care stuff and the help would be appreciated as I still don't have enough rn =n=

$$$ help, boosts appreciated, appended 

This should be the last update for this month~

Bills from the past week are finally paid, all i have left are just the big boys in the next week:

Med refill: $60
Dental insurance: $29
Internet: $60.51


Everything i have left over will just go towards a second round of groceries and getting some self care/personal grooming stuff desperately need

Thank you so far for the help, it really means a lot as my mental/physical health is absolutely trash rn ❤️

As always, anything and everything is appreciated$melaninpony
I also have other links to wishlists as well if you want to get me anything from those

re: $$$ help, boosts appreciated, appended 

meds just got shipped today, all i need to worry about now is the last 2 bills and grocery shopping soon =u=

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