selfie, eye contact, :flirts_ok: 

anyways it hot out here.

blocked out deadname bc ew y'all don't need to see that.

selfie, eye contact, :flirts_ok: 

need to remind everyone that I'm actually kinda hot :melanie_blush:

god i missed my old colony~

But i def can not continue to play it because I haven't played in a year and all of this is overwhelming, I'll def have to restart and then go back to playing again

Sims 4, death, guns, just silly 

Watching a steam and this just happened

FUCK i love the extreme violence mod

i was wondering why i had this screenshot in paint then i remembered the cute little moodlet icon

selfie, eye contact, :flirts_ok: 

I'm feeling cute today and you just have to deal with it (by smooching me of course) ~ 💋💋💋

Powerwash Simulator, Spoiler 

What a great game 😭

very silly story but great

also catte

Sims 4, weed 

I remember when I played this 'family' in the sims 3 they had a tiny garden with a few plants and that's it

I'm actually proud of the little garden I put together.

also yes thats weed and a chicken, they have chickens too.

I honestly should eventually move my nerds to a bigger plot of land so they can just have a farm, or at least have chance be the one to have a farm since this is mostly his garden

those are bee boxes in the center. I learned that the bees help germinate and stuff and the range on them is SUPER WIDE and it's so cool to see the little animation of the bees just swarming the plants

kinda spooky to look down at my taskbar and see this

thunderstorm (threat)

sharex updated and had opened, and I saw this screenshot

I can't remember why I took it

I think I was going to post it and make a silly Jojo reference

something like:


Sims 4 nonsense, glitches 

Damn don't you hate it when your upper body just disappears?

(this has finally started happening in my game after seeing a streamer have the same issue and I do not know what's causing it, lmao)


honestly took the words from my mouth

found on the FAQ for the malisian info carrd

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I moved the apartment buildings i had did weeks ago and redid it, used different items.

I really used the fuck out of storefronts, they are REALLY good for fake buildings, ngl

I really love how this turned out now :melanie_heart_eyes:

I had some extra space and decided to go with a little courtyard area that has a little door on the side

also i have some heavy meteor showers tonight so waiting for one to go by just so i can take a screenshot was pain

I'm gonna add some flowers later but i'm actually satisfied with how it turned out

selfies, eye contact, :boosts_ok_gay::flirts_ok: 

Moo is ready for sleepy times (and would like for you to join too) uwu

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