i don't have any super urgent things due anytime soon, but I always am in need of help. I only have bills I have to deal with towards the end of the month and I need to get some more personal care stuff very soon before I leave again.

Anything and everything is appreciated, especially boosts, to help me continue to survive in this fucking hellscape while being Black, fat, mentally ill and disabled.



I may not want kids nor do i like them all that much

but give me a damn baby going in on some food or being a big bumbling goofus and my heart melts

white people still wearing their ratty dreads in 2022 🤝 people who believe/ swear that their "wild foraged" white sage isn't illegally poached from protected indigenous lands

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why is every apothecary supply run by white people with nasty white people dreads?? i just need some fucking white willow bark

Domain block, sexual assault references 


Another paedofash dump with admins calling themselves names like "pen molester" and "Rapist", :blobrollingeyes:


I was gonna get on my pc like I usually would, but I think I'm gonna get ready for bed.

if I really want to watch a stream I'll just do it on my phone

This is my favorite Etsy review in a hot fucking minute 😭 this is what you get for trying to be clever and not just getting it off the rack at target

(Insufficient alt text so @OCRbot )

my head hurtie and I feel like poop, went way beyond my limit with spoons.

Hey anyone here heard of girlbulge? What's up with this

frpol / racism as usual / slavery 

only manage to find this screenshot of a tweet by the spineless coward

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frpol / racism as usual / slavery 

"French Ambassador to Ghana made several racist tweets including maximising the role of Africa while minimising the role of Europe in transatlantic slavery, when challenged by Africans, the coward started deleting her tweets, blocking people and eventually went private. Pathetic"


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