Very minor update

Spent some time this afternoon drawing up a diagram that roughly outlines the system at bare bones, but also somewhat indicates data flow within the system.

Good news! A signal from an input to a direct output works!
imagine that.

now for the more complicated part: getting a signal in through an ADC then processing it Enough to get it back out to a DAC and the output wire

how the

Some finagling has happened!
The Matrix community is now hosted at: and links to each channel are in there.
Wiki has had some minor updates, and i'm working on a proper website for the project.

i have also obtained a couple more chips for basic building! Things are happening, just... very slowly.


OpenSourceStudio update 

So, it's been a bit since i've talked about OSStudio, for which i apologize to everyone who followed me specifically for updates on that. Note on that bit in a moment.

i didn't realize just how much there was going to be to the basic electronics behind this project, so i've been spending some time learning. Been obtaining parts slowly, and schooling myself on electronics basics. i think i do have some idea of what the next steps are now that i've covered some of the knowledge gap.

The next step is specifically to work on getting audio into and out of an analog system -- probably starting with a line source. Once we have working line in and out, next step will likely be microphone in and out, and then hi-z sources (e.g. electronic guitars). When we have analog audio fashioned into something usable, then converting to digital and getting it into computers in the next step. There will be some coding at that point... which is probably the next knowledge gap!

And onto the bit i mentioned near the beginning. i'm working on setting up a new Fedi account specifically for the project, where i intend on posting further updates. i will likely make a reply to this post with the account name, once it has content on it.

Hopefully talk to y'all again soon!

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Hey all.
i have updated the Vision for the OpenSourceStudio project here:

i spent most of today trying to review our options when it comes to the Ethernet backbone. Have decided that AVB isn't the only contender.

We're making progress, and having great conversations in our Matrix chats. You can find our community here: We look forward to talking with you!

#AudioEngineering #OpenSourceStudio #DIY #OSStudio

So. Today, i received a package of fasteners that i ordered last week. Getting them allowed me to finally put together the 1U rack section. i got the necessary screws to fit the nuts i got with the 3U rack, and they fit perfectly. The only issue with this shipment: the square nuts i got are just a little oversized, and don't fit in the rails. Grah!
But: for now, i can lay out some parts of the modules, on both 1U tiles and the 3U parts.
And a power strip can hold the rack upright! Progress?

So, where that puts me: need to obtain LCDs, LEDs, and buttons, for module layout.
For starting electronics: some actual ESD parts, breadboard, the aforementioned parts from layout, ADC, DAC, the parts to make a preamp, a few DC to DC power converters, um... crap. Some other parts? Guess it's time to make a real list... At least i already have a microcontroller, i think. Although i may have fucked it up, at which point, another hits the list...

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And with this, i can start laying out Module fronts! ... well, sorta! Still need to get my hands on some displays...

Got 3U rails in the other day, 1U rails and the 1U rack ears are in the mail. Attached the 3U to the 12U rack rails today!

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... i started having thoughts a while back, in a particularly annoyed moment, about the proprietary nature of so much of the audio/music industry. As an audio engineer, this is a particularly true sentiment, as so *incredibly* much of the gear my fellow engineers and i use is entirely proprietary -- both in the software and hardware departments. From how our soundboards are not-entirely-but-close-enough-to black boxes, to how the new digital age has brought so many new proprietary "standards" -- Dante, AES50, etc. There are actually open/non-proprietary standards out there for audio and video transmission over networks, and for sound control. There is no seriously good reason why we should throw hundreds of thousands of dollars at single pieces of equipment.

With this in mind, i started a new project: OpenSourceStudio. The goal of the project is to create open hardware versions of the tools we use on a daily basis in our work, and to allow for a far more modular studio. So far, i have a... start, in the form of a wiki. While this project is still early stages, i believe it has great potential to make our lives better and our work easier.

The wiki: (Registration is closed, and edit access can be requested through the Matrix community.)
Matrix community:

i look forward to working with those of you who see potential in this project! And please, spread the word! Thank you!

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