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computerfox custom emoji superpost -- 9/29/19 :boost_ok:​ 

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*tv infomercial voice*

for all your fox business, come on down to
we got your small fox, your red fox
even a fox that sticks to walls!
*hangs fox on wall rack*

foxes for every need imaginable

call now and we'll even throw in this surprise fox!
*camera pans over to a silhouette of a fox with a question mark on it*

call 1-800-REET-MEUP
thats 1-800-7338-6387
order today!

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my mom: are you gay??
me, pulling out diagrams: to explain this I'm going to need to talk about parallel genders

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gab blocker, self-promo 

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born to fox
self is a triangle
snug em all 1989
i am trash furry
410,757,864,530 loud reets

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no joke

wooloo has been my main pokemon since i caught one.
i want her to be STRONK

played through a little bit of pokemon shield before bed last night and I couldn't get over how cute every. single. wooloo was

they are the best and I love them all

game bug i like 

*glows brightly like im shape shifting but then the light goes away and i just changed clothes into pjs*

Someone slid in my DMs today to ask me what an β€œassman” is

i was gonna program but got caught up singing with Mouth Moods and i just

i cant focus

thought i'd be able to do some html/css work tonight before sleeping but i am very tired and cannot shift my brain into html mode so i guess im gonna do some more lisp
(oh noooooooooooo :smirkingfox:​)

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