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screenreader unfriendly, just emojis 

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gab blocker, self-promo 

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born to fox
self is a triangle
snug em all 1989
i am trash furry
410,757,864,530 loud reets

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I made a Merp as a Service API

if you don't want to read the readme, here's the gist of it:
GET /api/v1/merp
#=> { "merp" }

POST /api/v1/merp
amount: the amount of merps to receive

#=> { ["merp", "merp", "merp"] }

I'm hosting this API at

go nuts :foxheart:

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ebooks post 

all caps; subtoot; cussing 

got a LITTLE bit done tonight on my lisp project

spent most of the night relaxing after the stress from dealing with that upgrade :p

hopefully i'll get more done with it this weekend :3

Out of idle curiosity, is your belly button an innie or an outie?

If Subway calls their employees sandwich artists

Does that mean you're commissioning a sandwich

General Iroh from avatar the last airbender: top or bottom?

plurality is a myth invented by big

me shitposting with phones 

How do I type on a keyboard when I'm a plush? It's easy! I just-

*presses keyboard and just squishes in his paw*

I just-

*does the same thing, with the same result*

*looks distressed*

my fellow americans

it's true that no API works with all three platforms... but there is something that does: the x86_64 instruction set

i propose a return to assembly based software rendering

Thinking about Edgar Allen Poe’s “The Beating Heart” but instead it’s a pair of clapping ass cheeks

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