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my mom: are you gay??
me, pulling out diagrams: to explain this I'm going to need to talk about parallel genders

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screenreader unfriendly, just emojis 

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gab blocker, self-promo 

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born to fox
self is a triangle
snug em all 1989
i am trash furry
410,757,864,530 loud reets

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I made a Merp as a Service API

if you don't want to read the readme, here's the gist of it:
GET /api/v1/merp
#=> { "merp" }

POST /api/v1/merp
amount: the amount of merps to receive

#=> { ["merp", "merp", "merp"] }

I'm hosting this API at

go nuts :foxheart:

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so in lieu of a boost have this

bird sonas are good as hell

hey, y'all hear about this game Lore Finder?

it's a queer cosmic horror metroidvania, featuring an NB protagonist. you explore a warped mansion, find forbidden lore which changes the world around you, and discover a beautiful and grotesque unseen world that exists alongside our own

it's still in development but you can greatly help the devs by wishlisting the game on steam!

you can also play a demo on itch right now!

wherein @garfiald moves to the US and posts on the local DSA chapter's facebook

i love waking up from nightmares. it's like, the bomb's about to go off? the monster's about to get me? i have to have a scary talk with someone but i can't remember their name? PSYCH, i'm gonna transcend to an entirely different level of reality and pretend this never happened

Breath of the Wild is literally the ONLY open-world game to do towers well and they are overall endemic of a problem in what should be one of the most fun genres of game: having too much video game in a video game

instance/user block suggestion:

ah yes love to defend the most vulnerable group on the planet, pedophiles

is there a way to change internet settings with only a gamecube controller on the wii?

re: jojo posting 

re: jojo posting 

Reminder: I'm still buying ANATOMY (the game) for anyone who wants it. If you want a horror game that breaks convention and you can look past (or preferably embrace) low production values, I'm happy to pay $3 to proselytize you to Kitty Horrorshow. Just let me know!

capitalist libertarianism was always a trap. your life is more important than price signals and the specter of efficiency

re: jojo posting, lewd adjacent? 

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