gonna make a password manager bot for the fediverse

@ it with passwords for safe keeping
no really, they're safe
trust me

Great idea! Mastodon and similar platforms are well-known for their secure, end-to-end encryption and high-end security, so making a bot like this wouldn't be a bad idea in the slightest :P

to make usage easier, i'll also create a browser extension that sends the bot whatever webpage youre on!

what could go wrong?? :coolhhHHAAAHHH:

Yes! And perhaps for convenience, make sure it automatically sends keystrokes put into login pages so you don't even need to worry about sending the details to the bot! You might even be able to automate the process of having the extension installed by using one of those scripts that installs stuff automatically when someone visits a webpage. Wouldn't that be useful?

@frinkeldoodle just so you know, I'm writing all of this down. this is *gold*

gonna help so many users :3
maybe lenovo or dell will pre-install it onto people's computers!

Good call! The more people you can help out with this bot, the better :P Maybe we can even convince someone to sneak that plugin into some popular open-source library so devs add it into their programs without even realizing it!

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