had a superthought earlier when I was getting stuff together for painting

I should try my hand at a sleepy kirby oil painting :ms_think_starry_eyes: :ms_think_starry_eyes:

cant stop thinking about a beautiful kirb painting

im gonna fuckin do it :blobhearteyes:

whether or not it will be 'beautiful'....

well lets just hope it will be :blob_grinning_sweat:

probably gonna start planning for this tomorrow

wanna do it on a small canvas so i can have it just be kirby

plus...cheaper :p
if the first one turns out nice i may do a few ^-^

*muffled screaming*

this one is pppeeerrffeecctttttttt :blobhearteyes::blobhearteyes:
(without the drool of course :p)

src: dumielauxepices.net/wallpaper-


with this one as a good second!!!!

src: kirby.nintendo.com/battle-roya (same for the last one, too, actually)

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