That meme with Jeb! winning every state but it's mastodon and pleroma both losing as Pixelfed becomes the new primary thing everyone uses to get on the fed of verse

@frinkeldoodle @zac @masklayer Okay maybe one of you knows. Is there a like service for PixelFed or an otherwise cheap way to host a PixelFed instance?

@ambassador @tibius they were asking if there was something like for Pixelfed instances, iirc was on (I think?) So I thought you might know if they also did those

@masklayer @tibius Not that we are aware of.

We are likely going to be deploying a Docker container Pixelfed instance ourselves...

I've got some spare space on my server, if you want to go into some PWYW arrangement I can get you hooked up with a Pixelfed instance

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