i made these for you~ :fuwux_heart:

let me know if i missed any and ill make it 💖

(forgot to include the sapphic one)

@zac i’m gonna have to get a firefox (ha) form or sonething cause these are incredibly good

@zac and they don't stop comin'
and they don't stop comin'

@zac didn't make sense not to pet the fox, its fur was fluff and was softer than socks

foxes love pets from hands of cuties~,
cant help but make a loud reet (uwu)

@damuc i guess it was just something in the way that i had the original post formatted! glad it works now~ :3

@zac could you read this post from the society?
@damuc2 @damuc2
@zac hey @foxhkron :acefox:​:agenderfox:​:arofox:​:bifox:​:gayfox:​:intersexfox:​:gqfox:​:lesbfox:​:nbfox:​:panfox:​:transfox:​:polyamfox:​:saphfox:​

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