gab blocker, self-promo 

new gab instance popped up, time to shill for my project!

this script automagically pulls new gab instances as they pop up on (similar to how @gabwatch does) and instance blocks them for you!

if you're an admin and have access to the server your mastodon instance is running on, you can run it there to automatically block all gab sites for your entire instance!

if you're a user and dont mind getting your hands dirty with using ruby and installing some dependencies, it'll block all known gab instances for you at the user level!

i tried to make the readme very approachable and easy to understand, but if you have any questions feel free to @ me here.

thanks for reading, and stay safe friends ❀️❀️

gab blocker, self-promo 

@zac @gabwatch would a docker/k8s PR be welcome? we're at about that point on the ol' todo list and wonder if we can contribute it back

gab blocker, self-promo 

@alexis oh goodness, that would be spectacular!! :D

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